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How to Get Your Jewelry and Watch Repairs Safely and Sanitarily

Written by Annabelle
March 17, 2020

As we continue to perform our due diligence and stay sanitary during these uncertain times, it’s important to pay attention to every aspect of our daily lives in order to maintain a level of hygiene beneficial to ourselves and the people around us. While many people are aware of the 20-second handwashing rule, it’s also important to note that jewelry worn on the hands can be susceptible to carrying germs and viruses. Recent studies have indicated that the novel coronavirus can exist up to 72 hours on surfaces such as stainless steel, and germs can remain trapped under ring and bracelet settings for days. These items cannot be properly sanitized without the appropriate jewelry equipment, as it is near-impossible to thoroughly cleanse these items by hand. Fortunately, it’s still possible to send in your jewelry and watches for repairs and a professional cleaning even if you can’t visit your local jeweler.

It’s understandable that many people are skeptical about sending and receiving packages given their concerns about the current coronavirus pandemic. Our facility adheres to the following procedure when it comes to intake and outtake, as we take the safety of our team members and clients very seriously. Please see below a list of precautions we have taken to ensure that you get your jewelry repaired, cleaned, and shipped back germ-free. 

Quick Jewelry Repairs Sanitary Protocol

  1. Limited Staff and Sanitation Procedures: Only essential staff members are currently on-site to reduce the possibility of contamination. During intake and outtake, they are fully equipped with protective gear such as medical-grade gloves and masks to prevent any transference, and are subject to a thorough sanitation process upon entry of our facility, including the following:

    1. Anti-bacterial steam cleaning
    2. Shoe sole sanitization
    3. Mandatory handwashing
    4. Restricted access to any items brought from outside such as handbags and jackets.
  2. Sanitary Package Receiving and Shipping: All packages received in our facility are immediately sanitized during processing via steam cleaning and Clorox, and undergo another cleaning before shipping back out. 
  3. Jewelry Sanitization: Any jewelry received by our facility is immediately given a steam cleaning to remove dirt and sanitize the metal. In the event that the item cannot be steam cleaned due to stones or design, it's given a preliminary wipe down with Clorox. All items are then placed in clean, labeled plastic bags and do not go back into their original packaging, which is automatically discarded.
    After the repair, the jewelry goes through a two-part cleaning process to remove residue from work and any other remaining grime. First, the item is submerged in an ultrasonic cleaner containing an ammonia-based solution, which knocks out any dirt accumulated in crevices that cannot be reached by hand. Then it’s exposed to a steam cleaner, consisting of a highly-concentrated nozzle of steam that further removes any remaining residue as well as sanitizing the metal via heat. Watches are also subject to steam cleaning if the design allows for it, and thoroughly wiped down with alcohol and Clorox before packaging. All jewelry and watches must pass our quality control inspection before return shipping. If the item is not up to standard it will pass through the cleaning process again until it is cleared for shipment. 

We hope that this has given you further insight as to how to properly sanitize your jewelry and watches during this time. Given the current situation with the global pandemic, it’s best to remain vigilant and rigorous when it comes to jewelry hygiene, and that principle definitely extends to the items that you wear on a daily basis. If you have any questions regarding our sanitation process, or on how to send in your items, contact us here.

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