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Functional Jewelry: Making Function Fashionable

Written by Anna Currell
February 17, 2023

Jewelry is not just a form of self expression and fashion; it can also be incredibly useful. Jewelry designers continue to find new ways to use creativity and technology to design accessories that do double duty. Whether you’re trying to stay fit, be more productive, or prepare yourself for an emergency, there are all kinds of jewelry that can help — and keep you feeling stylish, too. Here are some ideas for functional jewelry you can try for yourself:  

For Jewelry Safekeeping: Ring Holder Necklace

A ring holder necklace is a simple but effective accessory. It features a pendant on a necklace chain; the pendant is specially shaped to hold a ring when you can’t wear it on your finger. You simply slip your ring onto the top of the pendant where it meets the chain, and it holds your ring safely and securely. 

Ring holder necklaces can come in a diamond, circle, triangle, or other creative shapes, so that they look lovely even without a ring. They come in handy if you often find yourself doing activities that could damage your ring or where it’s unsafe to wear a ring. Many doctors and nurses wear this kind of necklace to avoid their rubber gloves snagging on their rings or prevent anything from protruding while doing their delicate work. 

To Get More Done: Smartwatch

A smartwatch does so much that you might almost forget that it tells time. There are all kinds of smartwatch brands that can sync to your other smart devices to keep you fully connected. The most popular is an Apple Watch; it puts important apps at your fingertips so you don’t even have to reach in your pocket to stay in the loop. While wearing a smartwatch, you can subtly look at your messages while you work, get reminders for important events or meetings to stay on time, and even pay for lunch with a tap of your wrist so you don’t even have to stop and pull out your wallet. 


In Case of Medical Emergencies: Medical Bracelet

Medical bracelets list important health information like chronic conditions, severe allergies, and medications you’re taking in case you become unconscious or unable to communicate with emergency services or doctors. Wearing a medical bracelet can save lives, especially for people with conditions like epilepsy or diabetes. But wearing a medical bracelet doesn’t have to be unstylish. 

Medical bracelets have come a long way since the clunky metal bands of the past; consider choosing an interesting material like leather or silicon. And instead of trying to fit lots of text into a small space, go for a QR codes that can pack a ton of information into a tiny area. This means you can even engrave a subtle charm or pendant instead of committing to a whole bracelet that you have to wear all the time.

To Increase Your Daily Movement: Fitness Tracker

Fitness trackers can be embedded into bracelets and rings, putting several health metrics within reach at all times. While less smart than a smartwatch, this tool is completely focused on your health goals. Some trackers help you to hit your daily 10,000 step goal, some monitor your heart rate, some help you get enough sleep, and some can do all of the above. Fitness trackers can sync up to other devices like laptops or phones, and there are plenty of brands that offer these rings or bracelets so you can find the functions and the style that works for you. 


To Reduce Your Anxiety: Fidget Ring

If you have trouble sitting still or if you need a little help calming your mind, a fidget ring might be for you. A fidget ring features various textures, shapes, and moving parts that are meant to be played with, helping to increase focus and alleviate stress through sensory experience. As a bonus, the rings look fashionable and fun. 

When You’re On the Go: Phone Charging Bracelet

Chargers that you can wear around your wrist are about as practical as it gets. If you’re a person on the go and love the functionality of a portable battery charger but not its clunkiness, a phone charging bracelet could be the perfect fit. They typically come in the form of bangles that can be pulled apart to reveal a charging cord you can plug directly into your phone, no outlet required (just make sure you charge it up between uses). 

To Keep Yourself Safe: Whistle Pendant Necklace

If you’re an outdoor runner or hiker, a whistle pendant hanging from your favorite necklace or bracelet can really come in handy. Whistling can serve as a beacon and communicate your location if you’re lost and you can’t get phone service, or if you need assistance and can’t run to get help. 


Not into the coach whistle vibe? Don’t worry, there are all kinds of functional whistles designed to look like cute, sleek pendants. Many are shaped like long bars or tubes, and some are even disguised in the shape of animals, shells, or crosses, looking like any other charm you’d see hanging from a piece of jewelry. To keep the necklace functional, make sure your chain is long enough that you can bring the whistle to your mouth easily. 


Want to make your functional jewelry even more stylish? Customize your new pieces to elevate them from function to fashion. You can gold plate your Apple watch for a little extra shine, engrave a one-of-a-kind pendant for a medical necklace, or custom-design a ring holder necklace that suits your personal style.

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