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weirdest things people leave behind after a move

What are Some of the Weirdest Things People Leave Behind After a Move?

Moving is super stressful. From all of the packing to the organizing to everything…

sports and kids and the jewelry you shouldn't be wearing

Kids and Sports: When Should You Leave the Jewelry at Home?

When it comes to kids and sports, most parent's primary concern is the safety…

tips and advice on how not to clean necklaces

9 Ways Not to Clean Necklaces

You have a drawer full of jewelry that you’ve been too busy to clean.…

what to do when a ring falls down the toilet

9 Things to Do When Your Ring Falls Down the Toilet

You know that sinking feeling. You hear the plop and then the tink of…

hand with diamond ring

13 of Things to Consider When Buying a Diamond Ring

Buying a diamond ring is such an important, special and scary moment. Its's also…

how to prevent jewelry from rusting after

How To Keep Jewelry From Rusting

You’ve inherited your Grandmother’s collection of jewelry and now you’re organizing it along with…

tips on how to get your ring resized

How to Get Your Ring Resized Online

Do you have rings that you would like to wear, but are unable because…

Taking Care of your Ears Post-Ear Piercing

How to Take Care of your Ears Post-Ear Piercing

You’ve made the decision to get your ears pierced in one way or another.…

online jewelry repair process

How Online Jewelry Repair Works

There’s nothing worse than when your precious jewelry gets damaged. Fortunately, you can get…