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Cleaning and Restoration

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Gold Plating (Electroplating)

Starting from $40

Gold Plating Service Gold electroplating is the process of electrically plating gold onto a base metal, which gives your jewelry a bright sunny color! It’s a cost-effective way to transform...

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Jewelry Polishing

Starting from $21

Jewelry cleaning and polishing service Well-loved jewelry will inevitably start to lose its luster over time. Luckily, for most kinds of metal jewelry, there’s a way to turn back the...

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Rhodium Plating

Starting from $44

Rhodium Dip Rhodium plating (a.k.a. dipping) is a cost-effective way to inject dull and discolored jewelry pieces with new life! The strong, silvery metal is applied through electroplating, which binds...

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Jewelry Spa Service

Starting from $39

Jewelry Maintenance Even the finest jewelry will lose its luster over time. But don’t worry! Routine jewelry maintenance and inspection is the best way to prevent expensive future repairs and...

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Jewelry Enamel Repair

Starting from $28.50

Enamel Jewelry Repair & Restoration Enameling is the process of applying colored glass powder to the jewelry’s surface. Whether you’re looking to repair a vintage find or change the look...

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