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Your Wedding Day Jewelry Checklist: How to Prepare for the Big Day

Written by Anna Currell
August 10, 2023

I can hear the bells! If your wedding day is coming up, you likely have a long to-do list — caterers, florists, seating charts… There are a lot of details that go into the big day. To help you tackle everything on your plate, we’re here to take care of the jewelry side of things with this checklist outlining everything you need to do to prepare your wedding day jewelry. We’ll give you a timeline from a month out, listing each step to help you get ready for the big day. Let’s get you set to walk down the aisle!

One Month Before the Wedding

We’re a month away from the big day. At this point, you’ve still got some time to make any big changes you want to make to your wedding day jewelry ensemble. Do a complete try-on of your wedding day outfit — complete with shoes, hair, veil, and jewelry — to see the final look and make sure everything is exactly how you envisioned it. Check how your earrings will look with your intended hair style, how your necklace falls on your wedding dress’s neckline, how your bracelets will hang when you hold your bouquet, etc. If you want to honor the tradition of something borrowed and something blue, make sure you’ve got all the elements you need. 

Next, you’ll want to inspect all your jewelry carefully. With a month to go, you still have time to get your pieces repaired, replaced, cleaned, or restored. Even though steps like cleaning don’t take very long, you’ll want to give yourself enough of a buffer to make sure that your pieces are ready with plenty of time to spare. Here are just a few ways to give your pieces some extra love:

  • Cleaning and polishing: Especially if you wear your engagement ring every day, it’s a good idea to get it thoroughly cleaned and polished by a professional before the wedding. Dirt, bacteria, and even residue from lotion and sunscreen can leave a film or tarnish on your jewelry, and you’ll want each piece to look its best on your wedding day.
  • Clasp replacement: A loose or broken clasp is one of the easiest ways to lose a necklace or bracelet. Check to make sure that your clasps are in good condition, and if they need some attention, a clasp replacement is a simple fix that any professional jeweler can make. 
  • Ring resizing: Give your engagement ring and your wedding bands a thorough sizing check. A ring that’s too large could fall off your finger, and a ring that’s too small will be difficult to put on. Avoid any snafus by adjusting to the correct sizing well before your wedding day. 
  • Engraving: For an extra personal touch on your wedding day, a personalized engraving can be a really thoughtful gesture. Get your wedding bands engraved with the wedding date, a special message, or your initials to give your partner a sentimental moment that just the two of you can share.
  • Chain lengthening or shortening: If your bracelet is sliding too far up your forearm or if your necklace isn’t sitting quite right on your neckline, consider getting your chain lengthened or shortened. You’re going to be busy and moving all day, so the last thing you want is to be uncomfortable or fidgeting with your jewelry at your wedding. 


Two Weeks Before the Wedding

If you’ve sent your pieces to your jeweler for any repair or restoration services, now’s the time to make sure you have everything back in perfect condition. If you haven’t heard back from your jeweler yet with an estimated time frame for completion, give them a call or stop by to check in. 

Once you’ve gotten your pieces back, store them safely until the wedding. Keep them in a cool, dry, and soft place, and use a velvet pouch or a jewelry box to avoid damage or tangling. While it may be tempting, we recommend not wearing any of your wedding day jewelry items yet so that you don’t risk losing or damaging anything you want to wear on the big day.

This is also the right time to check in with the person who will be in charge of your wedding bands during the ceremony, whether they’re a groomsman, bridesmaid, parent, or friend. Go over any details about how the rings will get down the aisle to make sure everyone’s on the same page — rings are tiny, and you’d be surprised how often they get lost in transit.

One Week Before the Wedding

A week before the wedding is a good time to make sure everything’s packed up properly, especially if you’re traveling for your wedding. Pack each of your jewelry pieces separately so that they don’t bump into each other and get scratched or tangled. There are pouches made specifically for traveling with jewelry, or you can get creative and thread your chain necklaces through a plastic drinking straw to make sure they stay secure.

While packing, remember to prepare the backup tools you’ll need in case of emergency — polishing cloths, extra earring backings, and even alternative pieces in case anything happens to your first choice jewelry in transit.

The Night Before the Wedding

Give everything a light polish with a soft cloth — there’s no need to go overboard since your jewelry should already be gleaming from the professional cleaning you arranged a few weeks ago. This is just a quick wipe down to get rid of any dust or lint that might have accumulated in travel. It can also be a meditative moment to reflect and prepare for tomorrow. Then lay out all of your jewelry to make sure you have everything you need. 

On the Wedding Day

Take a deep breath and enjoy the moment. Getting ready can be a really special part of the big day, so be sure to savor it all. Put on jewelry carefully and with intention, and you’ll be sure to have an incredible day. 

We hope this checklist helps you feel prepared and excited for your special day. For all your jewelry needs before your wedding day, don’t hesitate to reach out to our team. Our experts can take care of anything on your jewelry repair list, from ring shank repair to gemstone replacement and everything in between. Let us help you get prepared for your wedding day so you can enjoy every moment.



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