How to Replate Rose Gold Jewelry

Rose gold jewelry has become the recent rage thanks to its unique color and aesthetic! Solid gold jewelry can be expensive to purchase, so many people opt for plated jewelry instead. While it’s affordable and pretty, the color fades over time. Here’s how to replate rose gold costume jewelry so you can restore the appearance of your item.

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold: The Jewelry Debate

yellow gold vs rose gold

Yellow Gold Vs Rose Gold Yellow gold is classic and timeless, while rose gold has taken on an image as less conventional yet romantic. The big question is; which one wins in this week’s debate about the best jewelry metal? Read more to find out about the pros and cons of yellow gold vs rose gold. 

What is Rose Gold Really Made Of?

understanding rose gold

Rose gold is a beautiful, romantic take on the traditional yellow gold that seems to be the most common choice when it comes to fine jewelry. Where traditional gold is a rich yellow and white gold is a more silvery-white, rose gold can be anything from a soft pink color to a deeper red. This color is a nice variation … Read More