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Should You Sleep With Your Jewelry On?

Written by Anna Currell
September 25, 2023

You've had a long day and you're ready to crawl into bed. But before you get comfy, you pause and wonder: should you sleep with your jewelry on? It's a common question many jewelry wearers ask themselves before going to sleep. In this article, we’ll explore the reasons you might be tempted to keep your jewelry on before bed, why we think it’s safer to take your jewelry off before you sleep, and general tips in case you really, really want to keep your jewelry on. 

Why You Might Be Tempted to Keep Jewelry On

We get it — wearing your jewelry to bed is convenient. If you take all your jewelry off every night before going to sleep, you have to store it properly and then put it all back on in the morning. Leaving your jewelry on saves time and hassle, especially when you’re tired at the end of a long day. You also probably don't want to lose your pieces. Every time you take off your rings and other small items, there is a chance that you may misplace them or forget where you set them down. Never taking them off will help you feel certain that you won’t lose your favorite jewelry.


Another reason you might hesitate to take your jewelry off is because your pieces don’t fit correctly. If it’s a struggle to take your rings off, for example, you’ll probably avoid the squeeze and the whole soap-and-water dance. (We recommend getting your pieces resized so you don’t have to suffer.) Or maybe you just forget! Chances are you have a million other things on your mind and a whole nightly routine to attend to, right? Then you have to remember to take off all your jewelry and store it properly — these extra steps take even more mental bandwidth and stretch out your bedtime ritual too.

Why It’s Probably Best to Remove Jewelry

So, you’re still wondering: should you take off your jewelry before bed? There are a lot of reasons that our answer is a resounding yes. Firstly, you could damage your jewelry if you wear it while sleeping. If you toss and turn all night, your rings, bracelets, and necklaces can get caught on your bedding, your clothes or even in your hair. Or depending on the materials your jewelry is made of, your pieces could get tangled, stretched, or damaged during the night.

Another reason to take off your jewelry while sleeping is that some jewelry can irritate your skin if you wear it overnight. The prolonged pressure from wearing jewelry in bed could cause irritation, rashes, bruises, scratches, indentations and other discomforts. Taking jewelry off before bed might even help avoid allergic reactions; most people tend to sweat while they’re asleep, which can cause bacteria to build up and increase the possibility of skin irritation. Sweating at night — whether due to weather, dreams, or just your normal body temperature — can also cause mild swelling and inflammation, which can cause your jewelry to feel tighter. 

Taking off your jewelry before bed also ensures that you avoid any jewelry-related injuries in your sleep. Pronged rings might scratch you, layered necklaces can get tangled and choke up on your neck, and earring backs can get pokey if you sleep on your side. You’ll also avoid any damage to your piercing holes. If you wear earrings overnight, especially a dangling set or pair that can get easily snagged, you might end up stretching out your piercing holes over time from that repetitive pressure. 


It’s also possible for your jewelry to come loose while sleeping. Active sleepers may end up accidentally removing their own jewelry during the night. If your jewelry slips off or pops open during the night, or if you take it off while dreaming, those pieces can end up hiding in your sheets and pillow cases (and later get lost in the laundry), or they might slip away into the cracks between your headboard and mattress, for example. 

Finally, taking your jewelry off before bed can help you avoid transferring everyday dirt onto your sheets and skin. Oil, sweat, skin cells, and other grime naturally build up on jewelry throughout the day. When you wear that same jewelry to bed, those contaminants can rub off onto your nice clean sheets. The bottom line is that by taking off your jewelry before bed, you can simultaneously avoid physical discomfort and damage to your jewelry or your bedding. 

Tips to Make Removing Your Jewelry Easier 

Although we know it’s tempting to skip this step, now you know the importance of taking off your jewelry before hitting the hay. To help you to preserve your jewelry and stay comfortable while you dream, here are some tips that can help you make this step just a bit easier:

  • Buy beautiful bedside catch-alls and jewelry dishes to keep on your nightstand where you can store all the pieces you remove (even if you don’t remember until the very last minute).
  • If you’re out of practice, try setting an alarm on your phone that says, “remove jewelry” to help you remember to build that into your nighttime ritual.
  • Make it a part of your bedtime washing routine; before you wash your face and brush your teeth, make a habit of taking off your earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. Try keeping your jewelry box close to the bathroom for convenience (but not inside the bathroom; shower steam and humidity can cause damage to jewelry).

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