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Why You Should Invest in High Quality Jewelry When You’re Young

Written by Serena Norr
March 1, 2018

Jewelry is a form of fashion, personal expression, and style. This has certainly changed over the years with the popularity of costume jewelry where you can purchase relevantly inexpensive pieces that can go with virtually anything in your wardrobe. While we are all about personal style, some of these pieces are poorly made can easily break, tatter and even fade pretty quickly. Quality over quantity speaks volumes in the jewelry world; where well-made pieces can last a lifetime (and beyond). And even if they do break or get unpolished, you can easily repair them–making them as good as new in no time. Read on to check out why we think it's important to invest in good jewelry when you're young:

Invest in High Quality Jewelry When You're Young: Here's Why

Invest in High Quality Jewelry When You're Young: Here's Why

1. They Will Last: As we mentioned, well-made jewelry will last a lifetime. So even if you pay more for a particular piece, you won't have to worry about it all that much. From time-to-time, you might have to repair it or polish it; but overall your piece will have a lasting value that would always look pristine. When was the last time you said that about those $5,99 earrings?

2. Increases in Value: Another cool thing about high quality/well-made jewelry is that your piece can increase in value over time. Like purchasing a house, jewelry is also an investment that can increase in value over time. Make sure that it's regularly polished, cleaned and well-maintained which can help increase its worth.

3. Pass it Along to Family Members: Passing down a treasured item to a family member is a special way to keep a piece within your family while also passing along its value. This can be a special gift that you leave to your siblings or children. And the story behind the piece is one that future generations will always cherish.

4. Its Sustainable: Since these pieces will cost more money, you'll likely only purchase one of them when you're young. This can be seen as sustainable because you're not purchasing tons of pieces that will end up breaking (and ending up in the garbage) or contributing (that much!) to our consumerist society.

5. Helps You Find Your Style: While cheaper jewelry is certainly fun, it definitely veers on the trendier side. While you're young and finding yourself, a classic piece can help you to stand apart from the pack as you experiment with your style in a new way while rocking a signature piece that becomes a part of your being.

6. You'll Always Have Something for Fancy Occasions: While your agenda might not be packed with fancy galas quite yet, there are time when these affairs do strike and having a high quality piece of jewelry means you'll always have something to adorn when the occasion does occur.


What's your favorite well-made piece of jewelry?


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