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How Do I Find Out My Partner’s Ring Size?

Written by Anna Currell
March 24, 2023

If you’re planning on proposing or getting your partner a special ring, part of the fun can be making it a surprise. The only problem with a surprise is that you can’t ask your partner for key information… like their ring size. You can do some guessing about their preferences for style, color, and gemstone, but getting the right fit is important; if it’s too big it can fall off, and (even worse) if it’s too tight, it could get stuck. Have you been wondering, “how do I find out my partner’s ring size?” If so, you’ve come to the right place. Let’s take a look at a few tips to help you determine the right ring size for your partner. 

Measure Your Partner’s Current Rings

“How do I find out my partner’s ring size,” you ask? Begin by looking in their jewelry box. Grab a few of the rings that they wear most often (just be sneaky and make sure to handle them carefully). Some rings have their sizes conveniently stamped on the inside of the metal band, in which case your quest couldn’t be easier. But the truth is that most brands don’t label their sizes so clearly. Here are a few ways you can find the size of a ring your partner already wears:

  • Measure on your own hand: Slide the ring onto your finger and make a mark wherever it falls (even if it doesn’t fit all the way or won’t budge past your knuckle). Then, take a slip of paper and wrap it around that part of your finger. Mark the paper where it meets itself and then measure that length with a ruler to find the circumference of the ring. Then you can look up the ring size that correlates to that circumference measurement. For instance, a 57mm circumference is a U.S. size 8 ring.  
  • Take to a jeweler for help: A professional jeweler can always give you a hand (no pun intended) in figuring out what size ring your partner wears. 

Note that while this is a good way to find out your partner’s ring size, many brands differ in their sizing, so you may need to ask for the company’s specific dimensions and measurements before purchasing a ring based solely on the size. Especially when shopping with international brands where the retailer uses a different measurement, you’ll want to ensure that the size conversion checks out. 

Enlist Friends or Family for Help 

If you’re trying to be extra covert, you can ask your partner’s friends and family for help. Someone might already know their size! And if they don’t, there are a few things they can do to subtly obtain the information without giving away any hints about their upcoming gift. Ask a friend to take them jewelry shopping so they can see which size rings fit best on their finger and then have them report back. Or they can try on each others’ jewelry if their friends already know their own ring sizes to see how it compares. They can also come out and ask directly — it won’t blow the surprise if it’s coming from someone else, but you still want to make sure they’re subtle about it.


Slip Ring Size Into Conversation 

See if you can casually bring up the topic of ring sizes in conversation – just be cool about it. Mention that your family member or friend is looking for a ring for their partner and wondering about their ring size; you can ask your partner their ring size to see if it will give any guidance to your “friend” (yes, it’s a small white lie, but all in the name of a fun surprise). Get creative and see how you can slip it into conversation without flagging your plan. 

Or Just Ask!

If you’re not so concerned about a surprise, or if you have an inkling that your partner would like to have a say in their new ring, go ahead and ask them their ring size outright! You can make a fun activity out of measuring your ring sizes together, and you can even collaborate on the style, shape, color, and other details of the ring. In fact, more and more couples are choosing to pick out rings together for all kinds of reasons: it’s fun, it’s a shared experience, it empowers both partners to make the decision together, and it doesn’t enforce gender norms. Do what makes sense for your unique relationship! 

While finding the right ring size might seem like a complicated task, eventually you’ll need to make your best educated guess and cross your fingers that it fits. If the ring isn’t quite right, you’re not out of luck. Our team of expert jewelers at Quick Jewelry Repairs can easily help you to resize your partner’s ring so that it fits them perfectly. Whatever ring you choose, enjoy the process. We hope your partner loves it!

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