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What are Some of the Weirdest Things People Leave Behind After a Move?

Written by Serena Norr
February 2, 2018

Moving is super stressful. From all of the packing to the organizing to everything in between, there's bond to be stuff that gets left behind We were curious about these items and are excited to share our roundup of some of the interesting, and, yea, weird things people live behind after a move. You'll want to double-check your stuff after you read this list.

Some of the Weirdest Things People Leave Behind After a Move

1. Old jewelry

Believe it or not, people manage to leave their precious necklaces, rings, bracelets and watches behind. A treasured piece, it can be interesting to find everything from old to modern pieces of jewelry. If you find something that's old and in semi-working condition, consider getting it resized, polished or plated, or appraised. Who knows your newly found piece might actually be worth something.

2. Chargers

As our world gets more tech savvy, there seems to be more and more chargers that come with it. From the old school iPhone, to, a gasp, flip phone, chargers are a super common item that are left behind.

3. Money

Dolla dolla bills! Hey, this one thing we are all happy to find when we move into a new place. Whether it's change or some serious bucks, finding money is always exciting!

4. Pets

Yep, even man's best friend can be left behind during a frantic move. This one you should probably return to its rightful owner. Yes, even the cute ones!

5. Kitchen stuff

It's amazing how much kitchen stuff you end up acclimating over the course of your time at your apartment or house. Before you unload your own set of cutlery, clean out your new kitchen for their old wares. Who knows, you might even find a silver spoon.

6.  Bathroom stuff

The bathroom is another haunting ground for all stuff. This could include finding anything from old razors to old Qtips (yuck!). There likely won't be any treasures here, just a lot of stuff to clean out and get rid of…fast!

7. Old books, magazines

Treasured items for many, it's also easy to leave these items behind. This could include finding niche and vintage publications that you might just want to save.

8. Old dolls and toys

Depending on the doll, this one could be a little creepy, especially if the baby doll is tattered or missing an eyeballs.

9. Handcuffs

Who knows, maybe your apartment was the home of a former cop…or not?

10. Bags of garbage

You may never know if the old tenant forgot to throw out the garbage or was just being rude.

11. Tools

This one can actually be practical, especially if you don't have your own assortment of home tools yet.

12. Old paint

This one is kind of annoying since you most likely want to try out a new shade in your new place and will now have to figure out how to dispose of their old hues.

13. Burnt out lightbulbs

Another annoying one that you might have to deal with is old and broken lightbulbs. Trash them as soon as possible since they have no value or purpose in your new place.

14. Cleaning gloves

Moving typically also involves so much cleaning. If they're in good condition, consider saving them for your own moving-in clean.

What's the weirdest thing you've ever found when you moved into a new place?

Lead photo by Bench Accounting on Unsplash

Pain photo by Jack Douglass on Unsplash

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