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The Return of Friendship Bracelets: 6 Modern Ways to Match Your BFF

Written by Anna Currell
August 16, 2023

Friends are some of the most special treasures we can ever have, so it’s no wonder we want to give them gifts to symbolize our affection! Friendship bracelets have long been a symbol of connection and happy memories — they’re relics of the innocence of childhood, summer camp fun, and long-lasting bonds. In recent years, there has been a resurgence in the popularity of friendship bracelets, but with a modern twist. Today, there are various ways to match your BFF that go beyond the traditional woven or beaded bracelets you remember. Let’s explore six modern ways to celebrate and strengthen your friendship with jewelry. 

#1: Personalized Necklaces as Unique as Your Friendship

One of the most unique ways to showcase your friendship is through personalized necklaces. You can engrave matching pendants with initials, names, or special dates that are significant to your friendship. Whether you opt for delicate charms or trendy bar necklaces, the personal touch will make your jewelry unique. When you wear your matching personalized necklaces, you and your BFF will have a constant reminder of the bond you share (and an excuse to talk about how much you love each other when people comment on your beautiful jewelry). 


#2: Engraved Bracelets with Inside Jokes and Reminders

Engraved bracelets allow you to share heartfelt messages with your best pal in a subtle yet impactful way — unlike small pendants, bracelets have more space for a lengthier message. You can choose bracelets made of metal or leather and have them engraved with meaningful quotes, inside jokes, or reminders of your special bond. An engraving can be as subtle or as elaborate as you’d like — you can even go as far as engraving a photo of the two of you together on a charm bracelet (more on those next).

#3: Charm Bracelets that Tell a Story

Charm bracelets are a wonderful way to tell the story of your friendship. Each charm can represent a shared memory or a milestone you've reached together — birthdays, graduations, road trips, or moving to new cities. Whether you choose a classic link bracelet or a trendy bangle, you can customize it by selecting charms that reflect your shared experiences and individual personalities. By wearing these bracelets, you'll carry a record of your friendship journey with you wherever you go. 


#4: Matching Rings for Forever Friendship

Rings symbolize eternity and commitment — but they’re not exclusively for romantic relationships. Rings are an excellent choice for commemorating your friendship, too. Matching rings don’t have to be identical; choose two that complement each other by featuring similar patterns or styles with distinct gemstones or colors. You can wear them on any finger or even as midi rings for a subtle, trendy look. By exchanging matching rings, you and your BFF demonstrate your dedication to a friendship that will endure the test of time. 

#5: Coordinate Jewelry for Navigating Life Together

Coordinate jewelry displays the geographical coordinates of a place on the globe, making it a trendy and meaningful way to mark a significant location in your friendship. Whether it's the place you first met, a memorable vacation spot, or a shared hometown, you can have the coordinates of that location engraved or stamped onto a piece of jewelry. Coordinate necklaces, bracelets, or even earrings are unique reminders of the bond you share and the adventures you've embarked on together.

#6: Permanent Jewelry for Unbreakable Bonds

With a friendship so special, why not make the symbolism (semi) permanent? Permanent jewelry is soldered onto you so that your bracelet or necklace has no clasps. You can get zapped with a dainty, simple chain bracelet to match your bestie that lasts as long as your friendship. Even though your friendship may last forever, your permanent jewelry can last until you want to take it off — despite the name, you can take off permanent jewelry with scissors whenever you’re ready.

Friendship bracelets have evolved with the times, and today there are tons of modern ways to match your bestie without sacrificing style. There are all kinds of jewelry to celebrate and honor your friendship — and just like your connection, every single one is different. Whatever style you choose, the love, support, and memories you share with your best friend are the most important part of a friendship bracelet. Are you ready to get your own matching jewelry for you and your best pal? Design your own two-of-a-kind set with Quick Jewelry Repairs. Our bespoke jewelry experts will walk you through the process from start to finish, helping you dream up the perfect design for you and your best friend.

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