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Colored Diamonds: What You Need to Know

Written by Annabelle
May 12, 2020

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes, but did you also know that they come in a variety of colors? From yellow and chocolate to pink, blue, and even green, colored diamonds are a cool and relatively new way to upgrade your jewelry game with something unique. Read on to learn more about colored diamonds.

What are Fancy Colored Diamonds?


A chart detailing the clarity and color grading system

The term “fancy” is used to describe diamonds that are deep enough in hue to be graded past the general diamond color grading scale, as set by the Gemological Institute of America.

These diamonds are visibly dark enough in color to rate in their own category.Typically, most of these darker diamonds come in either yellow or brown, which has also been relabeled as “chocolate” due to a marketing campaign from LeVian. However, rare diamonds that come in blue, pink, green, purple, and even red have been found to occur in nature. Due to the fact that these diamonds are so scarce, the price for these natural diamonds are even more expensive than regular white diamonds. Fortunately, a few manufacturing methods have made colored diamonds more commercially available to the public.

Diamond HPHT Treatment

HPHT, or high pressure high temperature treatment, is a diamond treatment that is utilized in the industry to alter the visual appearance of diamonds, creating them in various hues that would be hard to find in nature. Thanks to this treatment, there are more colored diamonds available on the market. While these enhanced stones are not “natural,” the saturation of their color is much better than most natural colored diamonds, and comparatively far more affordable.

Which Colors Are Most Common?


This light brown cushion cut diamond is considered a fancy diamond due to its color.

Yellow, brown, and blue are most commonly available on the market. However, a few sellers have access to pink, green, purple, and red diamonds. 

Special note should be made for “salt-and-pepper” diamonds, a growing jewelry trend in the market. These diamonds can range from regular white diamonds to brown or yellow diamonds, but the common characteristic involves deep and visible inclusions and markings. Salt and pepper diamonds were originally used for industrial purposes, but due to a newfound appreciation for “less than perfect” gemstones, their unique aesthetic is now highly sought after in the engagement ring market, especially with artisans who hand-select every stone for the rings they craft.

Why Should I Get a Colored Diamond?

If you want a pop of color in your jewelry without having to deal with the lower durability of a colored gemstone, a fancy diamond is the stone of choice! Much like white diamonds, fancy diamonds are the best when it comes to rough wear and metalwork. In addition, their value will always be comparatively higher to any other colored gemstones on the market.

Now you’re up to date on colored diamonds! Comment below if you’d like us to find one for your jewelry.

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