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Can You Unsolder Rings?

Written by Annabelle
July 24, 2019

When people get their rings soldered together, it's usually out of convenience. The rings are fused together to form one piece that is easy to take on and take off, and they stop rotating around your finger. However, it becomes a bit of a problem if you decide that you want to wear your rings differently…how do you separate them? Read on to learn if you can unsolder rings.

The Process of Ring Soldering


A wedding set before and after unsoldering.

In order to solder rings together, the jeweler takes the rings and aligns them into a symmetrical appearance, or according to the customer's instructions. After this is done, the jeweler will use a laser machine to add a few points of solder so that the rings will stick together. The solder used in the process will match with the type of metal the rings are made out of.

Unsoldering Rings

There are a few things to consider when you unsolder rings.

  • Design: Some rings have decorations on the band part of their rings. When it's soldered to another ring, there is a possibility that the details will be affected during the process, as you are essentially placing one ring over the other. It'll be almost impossible to restore the detailing; the jeweler can buff it out to replace it with a smooth, blank finish.

    This ring isn't recommended for the ring soldering process; doing so will wipe out all of its patterns on the shank.

  • Stones: If you have very soft or heat-sensitive stones in your ring that were removed when the rings were first soldered together, they will have to be removed again for the unsoldering process. This is to avoid any potential burning or cracking.

The Process of Ring Unsoldering

When a jeweler receives a pair of rings soldered together, they examine the piece. If it's gold or silver, they can easily heat up the points of solder in a laser machine, allowing the rings to pop right off and separate from one another. However, if it's platinum, that heat may damage the piece. In that case, they will use a jeweler's saw to cut the rings open at the seam.

After the rings have been separated, the jeweler moves it to polishing. The areas of solder are buffed out to remove any visible differences and restore the rings to their previous condition.

Now you're all ready to unsolder rings! If you're looking for someone who can do it for you, check out with our ring soldering & unsoldering service.

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