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No More Knots: How to Avoid A Tangled Necklace

Written by Anna Currell
January 24, 2024

Opening your jewelry box and seeing your favorite necklace in a knot is frustrating, especially when you’re in a rush to get out the door. Necklace knots usually occur due to improper storage or carelessness when putting on or taking off your jewelry. The good news is that with some simple tips and tricks, you can easily keep your necklaces untangled and make sure your favorite pieces are always ready to wear. Here are some tried and true tips to avoid a tangled necklace:


#1: Store Jewelry Properly

The first step to prevent knots is proper necklace storage. When you’re not wearing them, necklaces should ideally be stored hanging to avoid tangling. Invest in a jewelry box, elevated stand, or hanging jewelry organizer with hooks and padded compartments to keep each necklace separate and untangled. 

For frequent travelers, travel jewelry cases and rolls are a convenient storage option. They should have small pouches or slots to keep individual necklaces protected. Just be sure not to overstuff the roll or your pieces may still end up knotted. 

If you don't have room or the budget to invest in a dedicated jewelry storage solution, you can improvise by threading your necklaces through plastic drinking straws. The most important thing is to avoid storing your necklaces in spaces where they can easily bunch together. 

#2: Close the Clasps

Another key to preventing knots is closing clasps before storage. An open clasp allows the necklace to more easily twist around itself. Get in the habit of re-clasping your necklaces, whether you are stowing them in a jewelry box or dropping them in a dish or catch-all. The extra moment it takes is worth it to find your necklace knot-free next time you go to wear it.

For particularly delicate chains, consider investing in a chain saver or a stopper ball. These small devices attach to the clasp end of your necklace to prevent it from knotting back on itself. When you hang your necklace to store it, the weight of the chain saver keeps tension in the chain so there’s no way for it to get tangled.


A lobster clasp.

#3: Smart Layering

Knotting can occur when you layer multiple necklaces together. Ideally, you should layer necklaces of different lengths and textures so they stay far enough apart to avoid a mess you’ll have to deal with later. Varying the weight and movement of each chain will help them glide past each other smoothly and avoid tangling. Also, try to layer your shortest or lightest necklace on top. Placing heavier chains on the bottom of your stack will help the layers naturally fall into place without twisting together. 

Another way to layer your necklace to avoid tangling them is to connect opposite clasps and necklace ends together — doing so creates one long continuous necklace that essentially wraps around your neck twice. With the two necklaces connected this way, they’re much less likely to get tangled.  

#4: Avoid Sleeping in Necklaces

One surefire way to wake up to a tangled mess is falling asleep still wearing your necklaces. As you sleep and roll around, chains can easily knot and coil around themselves or get wrapped up in your hair and pajamas, especially if the necklaces are longer. Make it a habit to remove all jewelry including necklaces before going to bed. Having an organized jewelry storage box by your bedside can help remind you to take off chains before dozing off.

#5: Handle Your Necklaces Carefully 

How you put on and take off your necklaces can also impact the likelihood they get tangled. Make sure you take the time to clasp and unclasp them as necessary, check for knots or kinks anytime you put them on and take them off, and do your best to keep them taut while moving them. It’s easy to bunch a necklace in your palm when you take it off, especially if it has a charm or pendant that you don’t want to lose. But handling your chains delicately will save you a lot of time in the long run. 

#6: Untangle Knots Gently

Even if you follow all the best jewelry care tips, it’s possible you’ll still encounter the occasional knot. Don't panic! Pulling aggressively when your necklaces get tangled can stretch out delicate chains or even break them. Instead, gently wiggle and massage the knot between your fingers to loosen it. Use tweezers if needed to gently lift each side of the chain and make space until the knot is freed. With enough patience, most knots can be coaxed apart without causing any damage to the necklace.

If your knotted necklaces are too stubborn to tackle yourself, don’t give up — we’re here to help. Our team of expert jewelers at Quick Jewelry Repairs will untangle your necklaces so you can get back to wearing them in no time.

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