Missing an earring back? Need a watch part? We’ve got you covered. Replacing specific parts will help you love your favorite jewelry or timepiece longer.
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Replacement Parts

Earring Back Conversion

Replace or convert your earring backs Have a pair of studs that would make better drop earrings? Or do you just feel so much more secure with screw backs on? Whatever the reason, consider converting an existing pair of earrings to match your personal style. Our covert earring back service allows you to modify an existing pair of post back earrings by swapping it for one from our comprehensive selection...

Starting from $35

Clasp Repair/Replacement

Fix or Replace a Broken Necklace Clasp The clasp (a.k.a. the lock) is the mechanism on your necklace or bracelet that closes the piece. This high-touch area is susceptible to damage, resulting in locks that can become loose or even break over time. Our clasp repair and replacement service is able to fix or supply lock types of all kinds (including lobst, returning your jewelry to a secure, wearable condition....

Starting from $48
watch repairs

Watch Battery Replacement

Watch battery replacement service by mail When your watch stops working, most likely, a dead battery is to blame. Fortunately, our online mail-in service makes it easy to get your watch back up and running in no time. Our watch replacement service can accommodate most watch brands, including vintage watches! Just let us know what brand your watch is, and we’ll get to work sourcing the correct battery replacement. Please...

Starting from $15 🔥 Popular
watch crystal repair

Watch Crystal Replacement

Watch Crystal Repair The term “watch crystal” refers to the clear cover over the watch face, a misleading title considering the cover is usually made out of either plastic, glass, or synthetic sapphire. Regardless of the material, a damaged cover can ruin the aesthetic of your favorite timepiece, or even render it unusable. Our watch crystal replacement service removes the broken or scratched cover and replaces it with a new...

Starting from $55 🔥 Popular
watch crown and stem

Watch Stem & Crown Replacement

Watch Stem and Crown Replacement The knob on your watch’s side is called the crown, and the little stick that allows the knob to insert into your watch is called the stem. The crown and stem make up the mechanism that manipulates the watch face. Though watches are designed to be relatively durable, the crown and stem are particularly susceptible to damage. Our stem and crown replacement service works to...

Starting from $55

Bail Repair And Replacement

Necklace Bail Replacement A necklace’s bail (pronounced bale) is the small metal loop at the top of a pendant or charm that attaches it to the chain. The tiny, oft-overlooked piece endures a lot of routine wear and is intimately crucial to preserving your favorite pendant’s look and feel. Our bail repair and replacement service can fix any broken bails you have or add entirely new bails to virtually any...

Starting from $34

Repair/Replace Jump Ring

Jewelry Chain Repair A jump ring is a small loop, typically located at the chain’s ends, used for bails, chain extensions, clasps, and charms. Prone to damage, a broken jump ring is a common culprit of a snapped chain. Our jump ring repair service mends and replaces any damaged jump rings so you can get back to wearing your favorite necklace or bracelet with confidence. Please fill out the form...

Starting from $34
broken hinge repair QJR

Hinge Repair

Fix a Broken Hinge The hinge is the tiny mechanism on certain bracelets, rings, and more that allows you to open and close the jewelry for on-and-off ease. A damaged hinge can go from making a piece hard to get on to making it unwearable fast! Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Our hinge repair service will have your jewelry back in a wearable condition in no time. Our team of...

Starting from $45
watch band repair

Repair/Replace Watch Band

Watch Band Repair What’s a watch without a band? Unwearable, but not for long! Our team will work with you to build your watch strap back even better than before. Our watch band repair service will promptly mend or replace any watch band, whether it’s torn and worn or you’re just looking to revamp the look of a special timepiece. Please fill out the form and required image details above...

Starting from $45