Necklace & Chain Repair Services

Whether framing the face or warming the heart, the jewelry around our necks is often very important to us. Necklace troubles can be devastating, but broken chains, missing parts, loose strings, and tangled messes don’t need to spell the end of your favorite pieces! If you have any questions about necklace, chain, or bead repairs, we’re here to help.

Replacement Parts


Clasp Repair/Replacement

Necklace Clasp Replacement and Lock Repair Service The clasp (also known as the lock) is an essential part of your necklace or bracelet that secures the piece around your neck or wrist. However, frequent use and natural wear and tear can cause the clasp to loosen or even break, making your favorite jewelry unwearable. At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we offer a professional clasp repair and replacement service for all types...

Starting from $48

Bail Repair And Replacement

Necklace Bail Replacement A necklace’s bail (pronounced bale) is the small metal loop at the top of a pendant or charm that attaches it to the chain. The tiny, oft-overlooked piece endures a lot of routine wear and is intimately crucial to preserving your favorite pendant’s look and feel. Our bail repair and replacement service can fix any broken bails you have or add entirely new bails to virtually any...

Starting from $39

Repair/Replace Jump Ring

Repair or Replace Jump Ring Quick Jewelry Repairs offers a reliable Repair/Replace Jump Ring service for broken or damaged jump rings. Our skilled jewelers will assess your jewelry piece and provide the best repair option, whether that means repairing the existing jump ring or installing a brand new one. Placing an order is easy – simply provide the required details and images on our website. Don't worry if you're not...

Starting from $19

Hinge Repair

Fix a Broken Hinge The hinge is the tiny mechanism on certain bracelets, rings, and more that allows you to open and close the jewelry for on-and-off ease. A damaged hinge can go from making a piece hard to get on to making it unwearable fast! Luckily, there’s an easy solution. Our hinge repair service will have your jewelry back in a wearable condition in no time. Our team of...

Starting from $45