Necklace & Chain Repair Services

Whether framing the face or warming the heart, the jewelry around our necks is often very important to us. Necklace troubles can be devastating, but broken chains, missing parts, loose strings, and tangled messes don’t need to spell the end of your favorite pieces! If you have any questions about necklace, chain, or bead repairs, we’re here to help.

Soldering Work


Chain Repair/Soldering

Expert Chain Repair for All Types of Jewelry From snagging on sweaters to getting yanked by a curious toddler, our chain jewelry goes through a lot! Breaks happen. But whether you have a broken chain necklace or need to fix a chain bracelet, it doesn't have to mean the end of your favorite piece. Our jewelry chain repair service comprises careful metal soldering that reconnects chain links of all kinds...

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Clasp Repair/Replacement

Necklace Clasp Replacement and Lock Repair Service The clasp (also known as the lock) is an essential part of your necklace or bracelet that secures the piece around your neck or wrist. However, frequent use and natural wear and tear can cause the clasp to loosen or even break, making your favorite jewelry unwearable. At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we offer a professional clasp repair and replacement service for all types...

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Chain Lengthening Service

Chain Lengthening Service Do you have the perfect chain that could be just a little bit longer? Or maybe you’ve had to stop wearing your favorite necklaces because they no longer fit. Having a necklace that’s too short is no fun at all. Fortunately our chain lengthening service is a great solution to increase the length of your necklaces and get your style back on track. The service works for...

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Shorten/Resize Chain

Adjust Chain Length Do you have a necklace that’s too long or a bracelet that’s falling off your wrist? Though the process differs somewhat based on the complexity of the chain, the basic principle of removing the unwanted section and reattaching the clasp remains the same no matter what chain you wish to shorten. Our chain shortening service adjusts the chain of your piece to the exact length specified, ensuring...

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