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How to Style Anklets from Summer to Fall

Written by Anna Currell
November 3, 2023

When you think of anklets, you might imagine one wrapped around your ankle as your toes are buried in the sand on a hot summer day. Anklets are the perfect accessory for summer, but did you know that you don’t have to stop wearing them when the weather gets colder? As you swap out your sundresses and shorts for cardigans and boots, you can still keep the fun of summer alive. In this article, we’ll show you some practical ways to transition your anklets from summer to fall.

Anklets in the Summer

Anklets are obvious accessories while you’re riding your bike to the beach or hitting up a local happy hour on a summer Friday. In the summer, wearing anklets with sandals or heels is a breeze; you can play with different colors, like a pop of neon with your swimsuit or braided metals for date night. You can even layer beaded, tassel, and charm anklets together for a boho vibe. The options are endless when it comes to summer anklet style! But fall makes anklet styling a little trickier…


Transitional Anklets from Summer to Fall 

As the sun starts to set earlier and there are fewer beach days ahead, you’ll swap out your sandals for sneakers or loafers. In these in-between weeks, where one day you feel chilly and the next you’re sweating on the subway, anything goes. Lean into fall with earth tone beads and natural materials like wood or try a plain gold chain. Wear a wedge or stacked heel rather than stilettos to capture the fall look while keeping your anklet visible, or pair your layered anklets with a cute white sneaker for a casual look. Go for midi length dresses or skirts that show off your anklets.

Anklets in the Fall

While your anklet might not get as much attention during the fall, that doesn’t mean you have to stop wearing it altogether. Wearing your anklet can make you feel more summery, even when it’s chilly. Wear your anklet with straight leg jeans and sneakers, and it will still glimmer in the light when you cross your leg over your knee. Or wear your anklet over cute socks paired with loafers or wedges for a cute seasonal look. When it gets chilly, wear the anklet over tights and socks with your favorite skirt and sweater. There’s lots of ways you can make this look for the transitional season; bring back the fun of summer while welcoming cozy fall vibes to your ensemble with transitional ankle styles.


Anklet Shopping Tips

When you’re looking for the perfect anklet to add to your outfit, there are several factors to consider. First, decide which metal you prefer; timeless gold, silver, and rose gold anklets pair well with most outfits and hold up over time, while affordable plated brass provides a budget-friendly alternative that you won’t be upset about losing between seasons.

Next, check the anklet closure — lobster clasps and toggle clasps can provide adjustability as they can attach to several different links depending on the length you prefer, while screw clasps and hook clasps deliver security. Be sure to accurately measure the thickest part of your ankle and add about half an inch to find an anklet that fits comfortably. If you want a little extra pizazz, keep an eye out for details like pendants, charms, gems, or pearls. 

It’s a good idea to assess the anklet's durability too. Thicker chains are ideal for daily wear, while more delicate chains suit occasional use. Be careful wearing a thicker anklet when you wear boots that go over your ankle, as it might dig into your skin and get uncomfortable. Opt for daintier chains and materials that won’t snag on tights or socks. 

Try your anklet on either leg to determine the placement you like best, or buy multiple versions in different metals and styles to mix up your look. If you lead an active lifestyle, you may want a simple, sturdy anklet that won’t get damaged easily. On the other hand, more decorative anklets add some flair for everyday wear. Anklet prices can range widely, so set a budget beforehand. And lastly, read customer reviews to evaluate quality and ensure your purchase is a wise investment in the perfect anklet to complement your style.


Want to make an anklet more personal to you? Get yours engraved with an important date, the coordinates of your favorite place, a funny phrase, or the initials of someone you love. Our expert team at Quick Jewelry Repairs would be happy to customize your anklet so it feels even more special as you take it from summer to fall.

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