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What Stone Cut Best Fits Your Personality?

Written by Annabelle
March 19, 2019

Jewelry is an extension of a person- the style you prefer is an expression of your personality, much like your clothing. Needless to say, what type of stone cut you prefer also says a lot about you! Check out the different types of stone cuttings to see what clicks with your aesthetic.

6 Types of Stone Cuts



If you like round cut stones, you're a stickler for comfort, simplicity, and tradition. The clean look of a round-cut solitaire piece is practical and no-nonsense, allowing you to slip it on and go about your day. Much like its wearer, it'll seamlessly fit into any situation with ease.



People who prefer heart-cut stones are whimsical and child-like; after all, it's such a fun cut! You may also be a bit of a romantic, and you enjoy the more feminine things in life. More often than not, your heart-shaped jewelry will have a pop of color, much like this garnet ring.



Baguette people are usually aesthetic-oriented, since baguette cut stones are combined together in order to give a piece of jewelry a certain look. You may be detail-oriented, and probably prefer the finer, glamorous things in life.



Pear lovers are traditional and elegant, like round-cut lovers, but with a flair of uniqueness. You may be a bit of a romantic, but in a “roaming-around-beautiful-restaurants-and-vintage-bookstores” kind of way.



Marquise stone cut fans are posh! This historic cut simulates the sensuous mouth of the Marquise de Pompadour, a famous French beauty who was the official court mistress of King Louis XV. With this context, marquise lovers tend to be regal yet playful. You definitely have opinions about how things should be done, and you have a loyal gaggle of friends who love you for your witty personality.



The minimalistic and modern princess cut is a must for people who consider themselves to be artistic, bold, and unconventional. The look is a showstopper thanks to its clean-cut corners, and it eschews all of that romantic aesthetic with its austere appearance. If you like princess-cut stones, you're probably not here to make small talk; you're running the show in any room, and people hear you loud and clear.

You should've figured out what stone best suits you by now; so it's time to take a look at what setting matches your personality as well!

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