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Standard Repair Timelines & Exceptions

Written by Anna Currell
January 12, 2017

So you found the site and want to send us a piece of jewelry or a watch to get repaired – great! But maybe you have an event coming up, or you just want to know when your prized possession will be back in your hands. Either way, you most likely want some more details before you submit a request or approve a repair quote, and we definitely understand.

In this blog post, we will be providing more information about our standard repair timelines, as well as any issues that may delay your repair. As always, if you have additional questions or concerns, you can always reach out in the comments or via the help icon.

Once your package arrives at our New York facility, we begin working on your repair immediately. Our goal is to ship your newly repaired piece back out to you within 5 business days of arrival at our location. Once the box has been prepared for shipment, you will receive your tracking number and the piece should ideally arrive at your location 2 to 3 days after the repair has shipped.

However, sometimes there are situations that can cause us to need a little more time to get your restored jewelry or watch back to you. Here are some primary examples of issues that may make these timelines a little longer than the usual business week:

1. Incomplete repair request details. Before we send a prepaid and fully insured shipping label for you to send us your item to repair, we look at each individual quote request to ensure that we have all of the details necessary to begin work when your piece arrives. But sometimes when an item gets to our facility, we notice additional damage that wasn't visible in the photo or video footage. This will cause us to reach out to you before we proceed, and the additional work may result in a longer lead time before your repair is finished.

2. Delayed responses. If we do have to reach out to you for any reason, we most likely need your permission or approval for something to continue working on a specific repair. The quicker you respond to us, the quicker we can take the next step in the repair process, and the quicker we can send your piece back to you.

3. Material sourcing. As a subsidiary of a jewelry manufacturer, we have access to many materials such as metals, diamonds, and gemstones that may be needed for your repair. However, rare materials may need to be special ordered to complete your repair, meaning that we cannot finish the piece until these arrive at our facility. This is most common in estate or vintage pieces needing specific materials no longer commonly used, stone replacements for hard to find gems, watch crystals made from rarely used materials, etc.

4. Custom designs. We want your new piece to be both beautiful and perfectly molded to the specifications you have provided, getting your input at several steps throughout the creation process to ensure you are satisfied. Because of this, each unique piece can take several weeks to collaboratively design with you and create. Based on the details provided in the initial request as well as further information we request, we will give you an estimated completion date before the work begins.

5. Shipping delays. Once we have repaired your piece, we will ship it back to you. However, on occasion you may find that due to weather delays, holidays, or other carrier issues, the anticipated 2 to 3 day turnaround after the repair is completed will be slightly extended. We do our best to work with our carriers to determine which one has the fastest turnaround time based on your location, but unfortunately we cannot account for these types of delays ahead of time. Should any of these issues occur, we will work with the carrier to determine what steps can be taken to expedite the shipping process.

Do you have any other questions for us about our standard timelines and exceptions? Reach out in the comments and let us know!

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Jim Bell

I need a watch band replaced on a Casio 3721 w-s220. It’s a few years old , should I have the battery replaced at the same time? Would you be able to provide a cost and timing estimate?


Thanks, Jim! You should have received an email from our team with details. If you have not yet received this, please let me know or email [email protected].