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Ring Sizing

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
April 25, 2016

Have you ever had a ring given to you that just wouldn't fit? Maybe it was a present from someone you love who just wasn’t sure of your ring size. Or maybe it was a family member’s that means a lot to you, but that is just too big for you to put on without worrying that it will slip off while you are out of the house.  Regardless of what the situation is, one thing is clear – you need someone to fix it before you can wear it.

In some cases, this might require a trip to the jeweler to determine what size you need it to be.  However, there are plenty of accurate sources of ring sizing information that are available online these days, so you can find out your ring size without ever leaving home.

At Quick Jewelry Repair, our favorite sizing site is Find My Ring Size.  This site allows you to take a ring you already have and hold it up to the screen, to compare the sizing to a chart which offers visual examples of most ring sizes.  It’s a great resource for planning a new purchase or for customers to let us know what size they need an item to be.

Stay tuned soon for a video from our team about how ring sizing is done!

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