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How To Send Us Your Repair Package

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
October 24, 2017

Just 4 Easy Steps To Ship Your Jewelry From Home

Step 1: Print Your Shipping Label

Once payment is received for your order a shipping label with instructions will be attached to your payment confirmation email. The label and instructions can also be found under the account tab in your QJR account dashboard.

Step 2: Place Your Items In a Sealed Bag

The first page includes instructions and a packing slip. Separate your packing slip from the instructions and place packing slip along with the items you are sending to our facility in a sealed plastic bag or container. We don't send back the original packaging, so please keep containers (like nice ring boxes) at home.

Step 3: Place Your Items in a Sealed Box and Affix Label

Place the sealed plastic bag in a box preferably surrounded with protective packing materials such as newspaper or styrofoam packaging material. Simply affix your prepaid FedEx shipping label to the box that contains your item(s) and packing slip.

Step 4: Bring Package and Drop off at a FedEx Location

Bring your package to the nearest FedEx location. New FedEx locations are added every day and most recently you can now drop your items at over 1300 Walgreens locations and other participating grocery/specialty stores.

Click Here To Find Your nearest FedEx Location ↗

If you have any questions regarding shipping or anything else please send us a message ?