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4 Ways to Find a Reputable Jeweler

Written by Annabelle
July 16, 2021

Finding a jeweler is no easy task- after all, you’re looking for a professional who is going to be handling your precious baubles! But how do you avoid all the horror stories about swapping stones and mangled repairs? Read on to learn more about the criteria for finding reputable jewelers. 

Searching for a good jeweler is a bewildering process. It involves a lot of trust, which is why referrals are most people's go-to method for finding someone.

“There’s a reason people still ask their friends if they ‘know a guy'…The buyer usually doesn’t know where to start, let alone compare different options.”Someone in the Jewelry Business
Fortunately, nowadays there are other ways to look for a good place to service your jewelry. Whether it's by looking at reviews online, using an app, or just doing simple research, here are some ways to find a reputable jeweler.

1. Read The Reviews

Looking at reviews is the best way to figure out whether or not this jeweler is legitimate. If the jeweler is practically non-existent on Google, Yelp, or Facebook, that’s a sign to start backing away from handing them your stuff. But a copious amount of reviews may not necessarily be the best sign, either. Read them carefully to see if they have any substance to them- if the reviews are one sentence reviews, or even one word with a 5-star rating, that’s another red flag. A reputable jeweler will have a healthy mix of reviews, with personal, human-sounding critique of the repairs provided and the customer service.

That’s not the only information you can pull from the reviews, however. Like most businesses, jewelers vary in capability and quality. Yelp and Google are great places to check for pictures posted by customers, so you can see firsthand whether or not the jeweler is up to par with your standards. In addition, you can search reviews to find what you are looking for. At Quick Jewelry Repairs, for instance, many customers know about our capabilities in stainless steel ring resizing (a service not very common among jewelers) because it was highlighted throughout our reviews.

2. Do Your Research & Ask for Explanations


While you are looking for an expert, it pays off to learn more about what you own. Untrustworthy jewelers will take advantage of your ignorance to charge you more money, so being aware of comparative prices for a 14k gold ring resizing or what kind of stone you have helps to protect you. If you see that they’re overcharging without a valid reason, or attempting to con you, it’s time to jump ship. 

In contrast, a sign that you’ve found a good, reputable jeweler is by getting a patient explanation and upfront, transparent pricing. This means that the jeweler gives you a set price for the work, and if they anticipate anything happening during the repair, they'll let you know in advance. If you’re concerned about the cost of a certain repair, and the jeweler takes the time to let you know why, chances are you’ve found a true professional. 

3. Look For Transparent Policies


On the same note as asking for explanations, jewelers who have clear-cut policies about refunds, returns, and payment are instantaneously more trustworthy. If the jeweler promises to let you know that the item may need additional work, but they will not proceed until you have given explicit permission, that’s a very good sign. Many customers often receive their newly repaired item and six additional services that were already performed without any notification from the jeweler. That’s a bad business practice, and it doesn’t reflect well on the shop. At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we make sure to let our customers know if we notice anything about their jewelry, and our 24/7 chat feature allows them to check in with us any time if they have questions about their repairs. 

4. Ask About the Jeweler's Background


When looking for a good jeweler, it's important to look for the actual person who is repairing your work! Many traditional jewelers get their start in the industry via family connections; these individuals have been working for several decades and have years of experience dealing with jewelry and different repair scenarios. For example, one of our jewelers Marlon started in the jewelry business after college, working in the same place his father worked as a diamond setter. He learned every part of the jewelry repair business by shadowing his peers until he was completely proficient in stone setting, soldering, resizing, and other metalworking techniques. It's not too hard to find out this kind of information; simply drop a quick question such as “So how long have you been in the business?” or “How did you get started in jewelry?” People love talking about themselves, and you'll find out more about the jeweler who's handling your items at the same time.

With online jewelry repair services, it's a little different when it comes to checking out the background since you're not meeting face to face, but a quick glance at their about page and a call on the phone should be enough to solidify their credentials, in addition to their reviews.

With these tips in mind, we hope you’re all set to find yourself a reputable jeweler! And…not to toot our own horn, but we think we fit all of these criteria. If you have any questions you’d like to ask us, drop us a line below in the comments! 

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Deborah L Keith

Hi, my name is Deborah, I have a set of double strand golden Tahitian pearls with approx. 8cm sized beads. They are very old at least 100 years. A couple of the pearls are peeling. Is it possible to have this corrected, and the clash changed. Before all this is done I would like the pearls to be appraised. I am in Virginia could you refer me to a jewelry here? thank you


Hi Deborah,

We’ll be in touch shortly via email! 🙂