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5 Spooky Halloween Jewelry Symbols To Check Out

Written by Quick Jewelry Repairs
October 29, 2018

Halloween Jewelry Symbols

Along with being the month where tourmaline and opal reign supreme, October is also home to one of our favorite holidays here at Quick Jewelry Repairs: Halloween!  This week, we’re taking a look at five of the best spooky Halloween jewelry symbols featured in designs that we love.

  1. Spiders – as Ron Weasley so eloquently put it in Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets, “Why does it always have to be spiders?” The answer is simple: they may be good for the environment, but there’s nothing scarier than a creature with a bunch of extra legs and eyes, even if it’s small. These creepy-crawlies have a more beautiful meaning in other cultures, however; their diligence in weaving intricate webs is considered to be a representation of rebirth or creation. We especially love these spider rings by @bellalilijewelry.


  2. Skulls – Perhaps the most popular spooky symbol, skulls have been used in jewelry designs for thousands of years. They’re the most explicit reminder of our own mortality…which is probably the reason why we’re so fascinated by them. Formerly used in dramatic contexts, such as classical art and plays such as Shakespeare’s Hamlet, skulls took on a more gritty context when they became associated with biker jewelry and stainless steel rings.

This skull pin is terrifyingly spooky.

  1. Snakes – Snakes have been a sign of deception and trickery in many cultures. With their poisonous fangs and sinuous form, they have a strong biblical image as the representation of temptation within the Garden of Eden. Conversely, they were also considered to be icons of healing and growth in Greek mythology. The caduceus, or Hermes’s double snake staff, is still used today as a symbol of medicine in Western societies.  
halloween jewelry snake stud earring

A single snake stud earring


  1. Scarabs – While this symbol was meant to be a protective piece, anyone who has seen The Mummy is probably a little wary of these beetles. Nevertheless, there’s no denying the glamorous association scarabs have with the decadence of Ancient Egypt. The Egyptians consider the scarab to be representative of the forces moving the sun across the sky, and featured the bugs in a lot of their stunning jewelry. We really love this ring from APM Monaco’s Egyptian Tribute collection.
halloween jewelry scarab ring

Scarab ring from APM Monaco

  1.  Bats – The relationship between these creatures and vampires can creep us out quite a bit, but they’re pillars of our ecosystem! They’ve also got some rebranding over the years as cute, Halloween-related creatures instead of spooky flying vampiric minions. In China, bats are even considered to be bringers of good fortune. Whatever the case is, you can’t deny that these bat earrings from Quiet Time Jewelry are adorably spooky.


What’s your favorite spooky Halloween jewelry symbol?  Let us know in the comments below!

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