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How Can I Fix Plated Jewelry?

Written by Annabelle
October 18, 2018

You’re twisting your favorite ring around your finger, and you notice a gleam out of the corner of your eye…the gleam of the metal that’s not the same color as the rest of your ring. Wearing out plated jewelry has become a common issue among jewelry lovers, but fortunately it’s not a difficult problem to fix! Read more to learn how to restore plated jewelry.

What is plated jewelry?

Plated jewelry is jewelry made from a cheaper base metal that’s coated with a layer of precious metal or alloy. It is significantly more affordable for most people to buy plated jewelry instead of solid pieces, so a lot of jewelry on the market will have some kind of plating in order to achieve a desired look such as rose gold.

When the plating eventually wears off, the base metal becomes visible. In order to fix it, jewelers will use a process known as electroplating to restore your item to its original color.

worn-ring plating-jewelry

A costume ring that has lost a lot of plating

What is Electroplating?

Jewelry can be manipulated into various colors via two primary methods, electroplating and enameling. The two differ drastically in terms of process and materials used, which is why it’s important to make a distinction when you’re looking to repair your jewelry.

Electroplating is the process of giving a piece of jewelry a metal coating via electrical currents. The item is placed into a solution containing the metal, and the current causes a reaction that binds the metal to the surface of the item. The process does not affect gems that are set in the piece. Electroplating can be done with a number of metals and alloys; the most popular ones used are gold, silver, and rhodium. 

  • Gold electroplating: Normally used to touch up gold-plated jewelry or give silver jewelry a new gold appearance.
plated-jewelry rings

A ring before and after gold electroplating

  • Rose gold plating: A thin layer of rose gold is placed over the piece of jewelry in order to give it color. Aside from this aesthetic change it doesn't have any other benefits, unlike rhodium.
  • Silver plating: This additional coat of silver is commonly used for costume jewelry, since the base metal is usually an inexpensive metal such as copper.
  • Rhodium plating: Rhodium is a durable and beautiful silvery metal that is used to enhance the appearance of sterling silver or white gold. The coating can protect the item until it wears off from daily use.
plated jewelry rhodium

Amethyst ring before and after rhodium plating and cleaning


How does my plated jewelry wear out?

Daily use is the most obvious answer, but the period of time it takes to wear down jewelry plating also depends on the metal and the thickness of the plating. When plating jewelry, jewelers often refer to the unit of thickness as a micron, or 0.0001 of a millimeter. The less microns used to plate an item, the thinner the plating, and the easier it is to wear down the plating. Rings are much more prone to losing plating than pendants or earrings, because your hands come into contact with many things during the day.

How can I fix my plated jewelry?

Simply put in a request with a jeweler! If you want to restore the original color of your item, just let them know and they’ll be able to replate the piece for you. If you want the plating to last longer, you can request for them to plate according to a certain number of microns. The standard is at least 1 micron for jewelry and 40 microns for watches.

If you want to change the color of your jewelry, you can ask the jeweler about switching colors with yellow gold, rose gold, or rhodium plating. Rhodium is a metal that is corrosion-resistant and has a silvery appearance. It’s commonly used to coat sterling silver or white gold to prevent tarnish and scratches.  

Now that you know a little more about the process of plating, let us know in the comments or form if you interested in fixing up your tarnished or worn jewelry. Also be sure to check out our electroplating service to clean up your favorite pieces today!

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I am interested in getting a bracelet charm electroplated with silver It has sentimental value but has become very tarnished


I need two watches maybe 3 replayed gold.


Hi There, please send a few pictures of your watches to our email [email protected] for further assistance! 🙂

Jon seeshai

sent email to get info to fix my jewelry


I need a watch repair and restoration and also a gold plated chain restoration.

Bridget Finn McGee

I have a pair of wire earrings I’d like to have electroplated. Thanks


I have two very thin/small rings that are just costume and gold plated I believe but have sentimental value. I was wondering if I could inquire about electroplating for them.

Thank you 🙂

Wendy Dawson

I have a gold plated locket, that I absolutely love, ajd is all tarnished. How much does this cost please.


Cost on gold and/or silver plated costume rings with stones?


Hi there I have a gold plated family tree with rings on it. I was wondering how much it would cost to have it dipped in gold.
Kind regards Sharon.



I have a rhodium plated brass ring and am interested it in getting it silver plated … It is not tarnished, in fact it is fairly new. It was gifted to me, but as it has sentimental value to it, I am hoping to wear it on a daily basis but I am afraid that since it is rhodium plated brass ring, it won’t last long. That is why I am hoping to get it silver plated. Would that be possible? Thank you!


I over! Cleaned my sterling jewelry what is the best way to restore it almost looks like there is no silver left


Hi, I have a necklace with a pendant the same size as a 2pence coin, how much would it be to replate it gold? I think it was 18k

Joel Rievley

Do jewelers typically have materials to touch up black plated rings

Shelby clifton

I have a pinkie ring in silver. How much would it cost to change to gold plated

Chelsea Wood

I have an intricate pandora charm that’s rose gold, but the Color is wearing off, can this be electroplated?

Leann Murray

I have several rhodium over 925 sterling silver pieces with genuine gemstones . Can these be replated with rhodium


I have a new costume piece, a bead necklace. The large decorative clasps are a brass color or gold tone with some faux aging. There are many set crystals as well. Is it possible to silver plate over the existing plate and faux aging? Would it need to be stripped first?


Hi, wondering if I could get some info about how much replating a sentimental item would cost and if it can be done?


We just sent you an email to discuss this further!

Natalia Craig

Hi, I have a pair of vintage costume earrings that belonged to my grandmother and I would like to restore the gold plating. Thank you!


We just sent you an email to discuss this further!

Jan C Irvine

The “X” on my David Yurman (?) ring is not gold. Can you replace the X? What would you estimate the cost? Thanks


Hi there, could you please send us a picture via email? Our email is [email protected]

Jonathan Rosa

I’m interested in getting a chain electroplated in gold.


Hi Jonathan, please email us a picture of the chain you’d like to electroplate to [email protected]

Kyle Clarke

Hi, I’d like to replate my gold rope chain in 24ct could you give me a price thank you it’s 30 inch and about 6mm wide


Hi there, please reach out to [email protected] with a picture of your piece for further assistance! 🙂


I have necklace which has went copper because I used Silvo and I want it back to turn it back to electroplated with sliver


Hi there, we don’t plate in silver but we can plate with rhodium which will give it the same effect. Here’s a link with more info and how you can place an order with us!


I need my watch repaired.


Hi there, please email us some details on what you’re looking to have repaired! Our email is [email protected] 🙂

Lourika Horn

I am interested in getting a bracelet and a few charms (pandora) electroplated. I took it to the shop where i purchased it, but they say i must have washed my hands with some chemical. Can you perhaps assist? It is has sentimental value and i will be so great full for assistance.


Hi Lourika, we can definitely help you with this! Please email us a picture of your piece to [email protected] for further assistance!


I have a rose gold watch.The plated was damaged because of my negligence. how much would it cost if it would dipped again in rose gold.


Hi Ana, Please email us a picture of your watch to [email protected] for further assistance!

Farida EDZLA

I have a gold plated coin of Queen Elizabeth ll which I would like to turn into a brooch . Is it possible to attach or bind a gold plated pin on the back of the coin ?
I’d appreciate your advice. Many thanks



Hi there, please email us a picture and description to [email protected] for further assistance! 🙂

Candiase Driver

I have a1980s watch that I want the electroplated gold finish restored. It has sentimental value.


Hi Candiase, please keep an eye out for an email from us!


Can you plate a gold ring with copper?


Hi Lu, yes we can! You can use this link to place an order for this service. Please fill out accordingly. 🙂

Tasha Bridge

I bought a ring with black plating that has worn off. What are your rates for restoring the plating?


Hi Tasha, we’ll reach out to you via email with further details


Is it possible to fill a piece of jewelry that was previously plated? I am concerned about longevity.

Yvette H Luther

I have a custume jewlery gold ring that I like better than most of what I see for sale today. Should it be electroplated to 10 microns or more since I will wear it constantly everyday? Oh it has 3 “gems” not sure what they are…


Hi Yvette, rings typically only need 1-3 microns of plating to last. However, plating will wear quicker if you expose the item to moisture!


I’m looking to possibly get a ring re-plated. My only question is are you guys able to size up a sterling silver base and then plate it?

Ron Diaz

Hi, Jonathan! We replied to your comment via email 🙂


My engagement ring is rose gold plated and I’m already seeing spots where the plating has come off.. I’ve had it for only 5 months, and I don’t wear it when I have something going on that could hurt it since I’m paranoid. What would you do? And how much would it generally be to fix it?

Ron Diaz

Hi, Sophie! Thank you so much for your comment 🙂 We reached out via email for the next steps to help you get your ring plated 😀