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Choker Necklaces are Back: Here’s What You Need to Know

Written by Anna Currell
October 24, 2023

If you've been keeping an eye on fashion trends lately, you've probably noticed that choker necklaces have made a triumphant return to the spotlight. In this article, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about the trend. From their fascinating history to hot styling tips, we've got you covered. Let’s dive into the world of choker necklaces!

The Fascinating History of Choker Necklaces

Believe it or not, choker necklaces have been around for centuries. The history of choker necklaces stretches back thousands of years, with these ornate collars tracing their origins to some of the earliest human civilizations. 

In ancient Mesopotamia, women in Sumerian culture wore extravagant choker necklaces. These wide collars were made of precious metals and embellished with intricate designs. Chokers were also popular among the royal elites of ancient Egypt. Broad collar necklaces were worn by kings, queens, and pharaohs (of all genders) because jewel-encrusted golden chokers were symbols of divine power and authority. They were even believed to protect the wearer.

In Europe during the 15th and 16th centuries, extravagant choker necklaces came into fashion among the aristocracy and nobility. Women wore decadent lace, velvet, pearl, and gemstone chokers as flashy indicators of their wealth and prestige. 

Clearly, chokers have long possessed deeper meaning beyond their status as stylish accessories. Their unique positioning close to the heart and throat imbued them with cultural symbolism, mystique, and power throughout time. It’s no wonder these pieces have been around for ages. (Plus, they’re just plain cute.) 


Types of Choker Necklaces

Fast forward to the present day, and choker necklaces have taken on many different forms to suit various tastes and occasions. Let's explore some popular types of choker necklaces:

  • Classic Velvet Choker: The go-to for a vintage glamor look. This simple yet elegant style is made of velvet fabric, or a blend of fabric and metal, that sits snugly around the neck to add an instant dash of sophistication to any outfit.
  • Lace Choker: For a more romantic look, pick a choker made of delicate lace. Perfect for a boho-chic or ethereal look, it can add a soft and intricate layer to your ensemble.
  • Statement Metal Choker: If you're feeling bold, look no further than metal chokers. With their edgy and contemporary design, they're ideal for making a statement at parties or concerts.
  • Pearl Choker: Channel your inner Audrey Hepburn with a pearl choker. This timeless style effortlessly elevates both casual and formal outfits with classic elegance.
  • Tattoo Choker: Don’t worry — they’re not really tattoos. Inspired by the '90s, these stretchy chokers curled into a loopy pattern are perfect for incorporating some nostalgia into your ensemble.
  • Layered Choker Set: Can't pick just one? Go for a layered choker set to create a dynamic and textured look. Mix metals, textures, and lengths to express your individual style or even your mood. 

Styling Your Choker Necklace

Styling choker necklaces is an art in itself. Because there are so many different kinds of chokers, each with its own style, there are plenty of ways to wear them. When deciding how to make chokers work for your own personal style, start with a little creative experimentation. Try layering chokers and longer necklaces for a bohemian look, or pair a thin chain choker with a longer pendant necklace to create elegant contrast. Trying out different combinations will give you a good idea of what works for your style and your outfit of the day.

It’s also important to consider the occasion when choosing your choker. A classic pearl choker is perfect for formal events, like a wedding, while a statement metal choker adds edge to casual outings. Be sure that your choker fits with the overall vibe of your outfit, and try to balance your choker so it doesn’t interrupt the neckline of whatever you’re wearing.

Caring for Your Choker Necklaces

Now that you're a choker aficionado, let's talk about keeping your choker necklaces in great condition. While every choker is made of different materials, following these tips should help keep them looking their best.

  • Avoid moisture: Moisture can damage delicate materials like lace and velvet. Metal chokers can withstand water a little bit better, but it’s still not advisable to go for a swim while wearing one. Remember to remove your choker before hitting the pool or hopping in the shower to keep it in good condition. 
  • Store them properly: Store your chokers separately, apart from your other jewelry pieces, to prevent tangling and scratching. A soft pouch for each piece or individual compartments in a jewelry box will work wonders. 
  • Clean them well: Gently wipe your chokers with a soft, damp cloth to remove dirt and oil buildup. As for lace or velvet, do not clean with any water at all. Instead, use a very soft brush or cloth to wipe away any dust, debris, or dirt. For pearls and gemstones, it’s a good idea to get your choker professionally cleaned


Choker necklaces have made a fun comeback, seamlessly blending history and modern fashion. Whether you're into classic elegance, edgy vibes, or bohemian chic, there's a choker out there that speaks your style language. Not seeing the choker for you in stores? Create your own custom piece with our bespoke design team at Quick Jewelry Repairs. Whatever your style, our expert jewelers will work with you to design the perfect necklace with the right materials so you can create your perfect piece.

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