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Chocolate Diamonds: Everything You’ve Been Wondering About These Rich Brown Gems

Written by Anna Currell
January 15, 2023

Diamonds come in all shapes and sizes… But did you know they also come in different colors? Chocolate diamonds are a rare gemstone that we’re seeing used in more and more jewelry lately. These are a unique alternative to traditional diamonds, and in this article we’ll explore why they’re worth having on your radar. 

What is a Chocolate Diamond?

A chocolate diamond is essentially a brown diamond, named after its dark color and rich, indulgent appeal. Diamond quality is judged on four different criteria — cut, clarity, carat, and color — and the way the diamond is formed can change these factors drastically. The clarity of a diamond can range from completely flawless and free from blemishes to filled with inclusions (which would create a salt and pepper diamond). The range of colors for a diamond spans from colorless to dark brown. While diamonds can come in all different shades of brown, a chocolate diamond is categorized as a dark, deep, rich brown.

The jewelry company Le Vian is credited with coining the term, specifically to identify their brown diamond collection. The brand is selective about its criteria for chocolate diamonds; the color must be between C4 and C7 on the Argyle color scale, which standardizes the ranking of various colored diamonds. A chocolate diamond must also have a clarity of SI or higher, meaning that the diamond is almost entirely free of blemishes to the naked eye. However, you can still find beautiful brown diamonds that don’t meet Le Vian’s standards for chocolate diamonds. 


A brown diamond and salt-and-pepper diamond set in matte gold.

Pros and Cons of Chocolate Diamond Jewelry

Just like all gemstones, chocolate diamonds have their advantages and disadvantages. Here are some of the pros and cons to chocolate diamonds: 

Pros of Chocolate Diamonds

Chocolate diamonds are rare, yet more affordable than traditional colorless diamonds. Because chocolate diamonds exist beyond the traditions around colorless diamonds, they tend not to cost as much as typical engagement ring diamonds. However, finding a dark, rich color without any inclusions isn’t common, so they are still rare and special, and they can be more expensive than other stones.

The deep color of a chocolate diamond makes it a versatile stone that can look beautiful paired with a range of different metals, like classic yellow gold, rose gold, or platinum. Plus, a chocolate diamond can help you stand out from the crowd. When everyone’s engagement rings look the same, and clear, colorless diamonds are everywhere you look, your striking, rich chocolate-hued jewelry will stand out as an unforgettable and unique piece. 


Cons of Chocolate Diamond

Chocolate diamonds won’t have the same brilliance of colorless diamonds. Their deep color doesn’t allow light to refract in the same way, so you’ll lose some sparkle that traditionally comes with colorless diamonds. If you’re looking for the glitz factor, opt for a clearer diamond. 

Chocolate diamonds also have a very specific look that might not work with all outfits and occasions. Because of their bold aesthetic, you might find that wearing them every day is difficult. So if you’re looking for something to wear often, like an engagement ring, but don’t tend to wear a lot of darker colors or ensembles that would match, a chocolate diamond ring might not be the right choice for you. 

Caring for Chocolate Diamonds

To ensure your chocolate diamond jewelry’s longevity, it’s important to know how to care for it. Here are some tips for keeping your chocolate diamond in great condition:


Store your chocolate diamond jewelry in a safe, soft, cool, and dry place. Proper storage can prevent all kinds of damage — your jewelry could easily fall and crack if it’s left on the counter, or it could get prone to moisture damage if left in a humid room. A great place to store your chocolate diamond jewelry is a jewelry box, preferably lined with a soft cushioning material.



At the end of every wear, be sure to gently wipe down your chocolate diamond jewelry with a soft cloth. This will prevent buildup and help remove residue from the day, like dirt, oils, and bacteria. For a deeper clean, you can use warm water, gentle soap (like dish soap), and a soft cloth to carefully remove any debris. Be sure to dry the jewelry thoroughly so there’s no water damage to the metal or the chocolate diamond itself. 


It’s a good idea to get your chocolate diamond jewelry professionally cleaned every six months. Have your jeweler perform a thorough, deep cleaning; they’ll have the specialized tools and techniques required to make sure your jewelry is exceptionally shiny. A professional jeweler should also be able to catch any signs of wear before they cause serious damage. 

Are you interested in one-of-a-kind chocolate diamond jewelry? Design and your own custom piece with our team of bespoke jewelry experts at Quick Jewelry Repairs. We can help you find the perfect chocolate diamond and design your very own personal, unique piece of jewelry to make it shine.

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