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5 Talented Jewelry Designers To Watch In 2018

Written by Annabelle
September 5, 2018

Summer's winding down in NYC, and the moment we've been waiting for has arrived- New York Fashion Week! We're in love with this season's trends for extravagant earrings, minimalist statement pieces, avant-garde shapes, and playful, eye-catching colors. If these jewelry designers are the standard to go by, we're not alone in our obsession for 2018's stunning styles. Read more to learn about the latest stars in the jewelry sphere.

Nadine Ghosn

The biggest name creating the biggest buzz this season, Nadine Ghosn finally did the thing that was such an obvious "duh" in the fashion world- merging our collective love for food with high-end jewelry. Her culinary inspirations are almost good enough to eat, as they're bedazzled with colorful gemstones in pavé settings. While a good chunk of her designs are pricey, her symbol earrings are in a more affordable price range for those who want some of the emoji-ness of Ghosn's aesthetic.

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? or ?? #winterdietready

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Really Cool Hamburger Ring

Of Rare Origin

"Fairytale" is the closest we can come to describing Of Rare Origin's style. Founded by an adorable team of mom-and-two-daughters (all jewelry designers), Of Rare Origin draws from their favorite memories and Italian artistry to create elaborate birdcage earrings, flower-wreathed chokers, and distorted pearl studs. Their designs have a femininity that's wonderfully striking instead of kitschy.

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Birds-in-paradise on @sfchronicle front page ?

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Pretty Bird Cage Earrings

Leigh Miller

Venturing towards the other end of the fashion spectrum, Leigh Miller specializes in zen-like, yet surrealist designs. Her jewelry is simple and beautiful, utilizing subtle swirls and twists in metal as well as tiny gemstone cabochons for a slight pop of color. If you're a modern art lover, this would be a worthwhile investment. Her pieces are amazingly affordable in comparison to other jewelry designers, with prices in the low hundreds.

Sterling Silver Wakame Earrings by Leigh Miller

Lila Rice

Lila Rice is the cool girl who exudes Brooklyn energy crossed with runway chic. Her earrings are statement punches; they interrupt conversations instead of starting them. While you won't find a lot of shiny gems in her designs, Lila Rice's control over metal is unparalleled, carefully straddling the thin line between urban minimalism and nature-inspired shapes. If you want to snag a piece of her art, it's also not out of the realm of financial possibility.

Marta Link earrings by Lila Rice

Brent Neale

If you've never let go of your inner child, FIT graduate Brent Neale is the designer to fulfill all of your youthful dreams. She draws inspiration from her own children to create bright and colorful designs with unicorns, rainbows, flowers, and bees. Signature themes in her current collection include long gold chain tassels, multicolored gemstone baguettes, and carved flower cabochons.

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The weekend round up ???? #finejewelry #madeinnyc

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Assorted pendants and stud earrings

Our hearts (and wallets) are crying out just looking at all of this jewelry! From Lila Rice and Leigh Miller's metalworking to Brent Neale and Of Rare Origin's uninhibited use of color, there's a wide range in style for everyone to fit in this season. Let us know in the comments below which designer you like the most!

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