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Why Are Rings Soldered Together?

Written by Annabelle
March 15, 2019

People love stacking rings, whether it's a wedding set or a few bands that pair well. But it is a huge hassle to stick everything on your finger one by one in the morning, so many people opt to solder their rings together. Check out what types of rings people get soldered and how the process works.

What is Ring Soldering?

Ring soldering is the process of welding two or more rings together using solder. Solder is a metal alloy that melts at very low heat, which makes it act like a glue for jewelry repairs and modifications.


A jeweler in the process of soldering

What Kind Of Rings Are Typically Soldered?

  • Wedding Sets: Jewelers nowadays sell engagement rings and wedding rings that are a perfect complement to each other in terms of design and materials. Since they're already designed to fit together on the hand, many people take it a step further and get them soldered together to prevent shifting.

    A silver wedding ring set. Note how the second ring fits perfectly with the outer ring.

  • Stacking Rings: While all rings can be stacked on a finger within reason, some rings are specifically designed to be worn with other rings. These stacking rings are usually slimmer in construction, and their design may incorporate small bright gems or little details that look good in combination.

    Three stacking rings in gold, rose gold, and white gold.

How Are Rings Soldered Together?

The jeweler first evaluates what needs to be done based on several factors:

  • The design of the rings: If one ring's side is domed or decorated, it's difficult to solder another ring to it. Ideally, the rings being soldered should have flat sides, and slot together perfectly.

    This ring is not ideal for soldering; the side details will vanish if another ring is placed on top.

  • The metal types: Rings that are the same type of metal pose little to no challenge to the jeweler. If the rings are two different colors, however, the jeweler might use a laser to fuse the two together instead of sticking on a visible solder.

    This art deco engagement and wedding ring set has two-tone gold in the design.

  • Ring sizing: If the rings need to be sized, the jeweler will size them before soldering them together.

    A white gold wedding ring set that was soldered together after sizing.

Once the jeweler has assessed the situation, he lines up the rings accordingly and uses a laser soldering machine. The fineness of the laser allows the jeweler to perform almost seamless work on the area where the rings are being soldered together.

After the soldering is complete, the rings go to polishing and cleaning to remove any residue from work.

polishing dirty jewelry

A ring in the polishing process

stone-setting jewelry-cleaning

A ring being steam cleaned

Now you're updated on what kinds of rings are commonly soldered, and how the process works! Take a look below at our ring soldering service to get started with us today.

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