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What is a Macle Diamond?

Written by Anna Currell
February 28, 2024

Here’s an interesting gemstone you may have never heard of before: the macle diamond. These stones are so unique, you might have seen macle (also spelled “mackle,” “maccle,” and “maacle”) diamonds on the red carpet or in Instagram photos without even realizing they were diamonds. They have a distinct look and provide a unique, raw effect when used in jewelry. If you’re interested in jewelry that stands out, read on to learn more about macle diamonds. 

Macle Diamond Characteristics

A macle diamond is a naturally occurring gemstone that can be found in mines all around the world. It is composed of a twinned diamond crystal, which basically means that it takes a flat, triangular shape. Some macle diamonds have spent years tumbling down rivers, which contributes to their rough patina.

Like traditional diamonds, macle diamonds also have a 10 ranking on the Mohs hardness scale, meaning they’re just as durable. And just like other diamonds, macle diamonds’ weight is measured in carats and their color can range from clear to yellowish-brown.

The Macle Diamond Look

Think of a traditional sparkling diamond; it has several facets, allowing the light to refract in all directions, making a brilliant, sparkly shine. However, the macle diamond looks very different. Its natural, rough, flat cut creates an unpolished, cloudy look that resembles sea glass. Instead of sparkling, macle diamonds tend to glow. In this way, macle diamonds look more like a quartz crystal than a traditional diamond. Their texture and opacity, paired with their triangle shape, makes them look edgy and unique. 


Macle diamonds are unique, rare, and beautiful, which make them a sophisticated choice. While traditional diamonds tend to be the go-to choice for jewelry, macle diamonds are more mysteriously elegant. They have an interesting yet simple look, they’re high quality, and they come with an expensive price tag. There’s an element of luxury involved in these diamonds, and they have graced galas and red carpets; you might have seen Nicole Kidman wear a beautiful pair of macle diamond bangles to the Academy Awards in 2007. These bracelets, made up of an array of differently sized macle diamonds, glimmering together, demonstrate just how stunning these gemstones can be in a piece of jewelry.  

Using Macle Diamonds in Jewelry

Macle diamonds can look absolutely beautiful in jewelry, but they require more specialized attention than other gems when it comes to design. Their distinctive shape makes them best suited for bezel settings, as prongs can be more difficult to properly set and secure. These gemstones often require custom design work to maximize their beauty and create a secure setting. The specialized labor involved increases costs for jewelers and designers. And since macle diamonds aren’t conventionally cut, jewelers and designers usually use a custom-tailored approach to showcase their one-of-a-kind beauty. This can make macle diamond jewelry even more expensive for customers, which adds to the air of luxury and rarity. 


How to Care for a Macle Diamond

If you’re excited about owning your own piece of macle diamond jewelry, it’s important to take care of it well. Be sure to take off your jewelry when doing any activity that could damage the macle diamonds, like swimming, playing sports, or even hopping in the shower. When you store your macle diamond jewelry, be sure to keep it in a soft, cool, and dry place where it won’t risk falling or banging into other pieces of jewelry that could scratch it. Lastly, be sure to clean your macle jewelry well and often. This can simply mean wiping down your jewelry at the end of each wear with a gentle cloth, and having it professionally cleaned twice a year. 

Want to create your own stunning macle diamond jewelry? Work with our team at Quick Jewelry Repairs. Our expert jewelers can help you design your own custom piece of jewelry around a unique macle diamond — we can even help you to source one. Whether you want bangles like Nicole Kidman, a gorgeous pair of triangular diamond stud earrings, or anything in between, our team can help you make it a reality.

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