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How to Create a Personalized Signet Ring

Written by Annabelle
March 31, 2020

Signet rings are all the rage these days; after all, they’re classic looking, elegant, adaptable to literally any situation, and they’re completely personalizable!  But if you’ve got one and you’re stuck on what to put on it, we have a few cool suggestions for you. Here’s what you can do to create a personalized signet ring.

Signet Rings Are All The Rage

Signet rings first started off as a cool little utility item, mainly used for stamping wax seals and documents to indicate that they were signed off by a specific person. Over the years, this little flat-topped ring design changed from a stamp to a fancy piece of jewelry used to indicate ancestry and status.

Nowadays, they can range from subtle everyday pieces to bold statement rings depending on the design. One thing’s for certain though- they’re very trendy at the moment, thanks to a revived interest for vintage jewelry. 

Where to Buy a Signet Ring

  • Secondhand Shopping – If you’re looking for the best deal possible, and you don’t mind retro or antique designs, snagging a secondhand signet ring and refurbishing it can save you a lot of money! Not only will you get a ring for a good price, but you can also enjoy bringing it back to its original condition.
    Some jewelry lovers prefer buying secondhand, as vintage items are often one of a kind in terms of design. While you’ll have to browse for a while to find something you like, the search is often worth it. Check out Rubylane or Ebay for listings and make sure to compare prices and materials. If you want a cheaper alternative, search for sterling silver. For solid gold, search by karat type; 9k or 10k is a good place to start on the more affordable end. 
  • Online Retailers – Not into wearing estate or vintage jewelry? Get yourself a fresh new signet ring by buying from online jewelry retailers. Etsy sellers stock tons of different signet rings styles, and you can also keep up to trend with fashion-forward shops such as AuRate and Mejuri. Just note that prices will be higher as these are brand-new items, and have higher markup. To get a good deal, you can compare prices between sellers or make a plunge if you’re really in love with a particular design. 
  • Custom Creation – For you finicky artists, go the custom creation route if you really can’t find something that you love. A custom personalized signet ring will be unique to you and can become a wonderful family heirloom to pass down to future generations. Reach out to a full-capability jewelry facility (like us!) to get started on a custom signet ring. Prices may be comparable to retail or higher, but it’s a piece that’s solely created for you and you alone, so that justifies the cost.

How to Personalize Your Signet Ring

So now that you have an idea on where to buy your signet ring, how do you make it special to you? We have a few suggestions for you below:

  1. Engrave It With Something Special – This is the most straightforward thing to do with a classic signet ring, but we have a couple of ideas to spice it up for you.
    1. Initials: A popular and simple option for those of you who want to personalize your ring without it being too flashy. Opt for a clean bold look with a block font, or an elegant aesthetic via script. A pro tip for smaller signet rings with minimized face space- try lowercase for a different look.
    2. Monograms: If initials are too boring for you, try a monogram for your personalized signet ring! This elaborate combination of letters in a vintage-style script is beautifully eye-catching- and difficult to get engraved. Make sure to check out jewelers like us who can do the work!


      This beautiful signet ring was probably hand-engraved with the owner's initials in a monogram design.

    3. Dates: Dates are great inscriptions, because they mean something special to you. Commemorate a special day for you, or a special someone, by engraving a date on the face of your signet ring.


      A group of rings engraved with dates and names.

    4. Images: Images such as hearts, flowers, stars, and even emojis can be a playful way to personalize your signet ring! If you’re a person of few words, a meaningful symbol can take the place of an inscription.


      This ring was engraved with an elaborate wolf sigil.

    5. Crests: The most complex thing you can engrave on a signet ring is a crest, which is a combination of different, detailed pictures on a shield-like background. Typically, crests were given to nobility to signify their status, but you can have fun designing your own and then engraving it on your signet ring. This is a big throwback to the original signet rings, and definitely a conversation starter. We highly recommend this option for custom created, personalized signet rings that are going to be family heirlooms.


      A row of signet rings engraved with a complex crest.

  2. Enamel the Details– If you’ve gotten an engraving, you can add color to your signet ring with enameling! This paint-like application can make details really pop with colors of your choice. We recommend enameling for images, and black antiquing for words if you want a black contrast to the surrounding metal.


    This ring has enameling applied onto the sides.

  3. Set Stones – You heard right- stones can be set into your signet ring even without an existing setting. The jeweler can flush set small stones, which means a hole is created in the metal and the stone is placed right into the hole. With a tool, the jeweler covers up the sides of the hole with metal that holds the stone in place.

    A few of our favorite ideas include birthstones, constellations, and combinations with engravings. As an example, if you’re a Scorpio, have a couple of small diamonds set in the shape of the zodiac, and then ask the jeweler to add a few engraved lines to show the constellation. 

Now you know how to create a personalized signet ring! Get those creative juices flowing by combining these options to come up with your own special design. If you want to get started today, comment below and we’ll help you out!

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