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8 Unique Ways to Wear Your Wedding Ring Set

Written by Anna Currell
January 19, 2024

Your wedding ring set is a symbol of your lifelong commitment to the person you love. Every relationship is unique and special, and the way you wear your wedding ring set can be, too. While the traditional approach of wearing your engagement ring stacked atop your wedding band on your left ring finger is lovely, there are all kinds of ways you can wear these two rings. If you’re about to get married and you’re looking for a more interesting way to keep your partner close to your heart, here are eight different ways to wear your wedding ring set:  

#1: Wear Your Rings On Different Fingers

To really highlight both of your rings, you can wear them on separate fingers. Maybe you’ll keep your wedding band on your left ring finger and place your engagement ring on your right ring finger or your left index finger. Mixing it up not only looks unique, but it also helps to showcase each ring individually. When you wear them together, they tend to blur into one another. But standing alone, each ring can shine in its own way. 


#2: Create a Stack with More Rings

On the other end of the spectrum, you can pile on more rings! To create a more stacked and varied look, add even more rings onto the same finger with your wedding band and engagement ring. You can create a tradition with your partner to add more bands for different anniversaries so that your ring set continues to grow more and more meaningful as your relationship evolves. Add more plain bands, eternity bands, or bold gemstones to your stack over time to suit your style. 

#3: Solder Your Rings Together 

To solidify your wedding set, solder your engagement ring and your wedding band together. This creates one single ring; if you know you’ll likely take your rings on and off frequently, this is a great way to ensure you don’t lose one in the process. This can also be a really symbolic gesture; melding the two rings into one can symbolize your union with your partner. How romantic! (And if you realize you prefer to wear them on different fingers after all, you can always get them unsoldered. Still romantic!)


#4: String Your Rings On a Necklace

If your job requires you to work with your hands, you may need an alternative to wearing your rings the traditional way. Stringing your rings on a necklace is a beautiful, convenient way to keep them close to you. This keeps them out of harm’s way but still highlights their beauty and symbolism by keeping your sentimental jewelry visible. There are several types of necklaces you can choose; simply string your rings on a chain necklace you already own, or find a special ring-holder necklace that allows you to take your rings on and off the pendant easily, so you can change up your look at a moment’s notice if you decide to put your rings back on your finger after hours.

#5: Wear Your Rings on Your Right Hand

For a simple way to switch it up, wear your wedding ring set on your right hand! If you love the look of your engagement ring next to your wedding ring, but want something a little less conventional, wearing them on your right hand is a subtle way to change things up. The tradition of wearing your wedding ring set on your left hand ring finger dates back centuries. The Ancient Romans believed that the left ring finger was directly connected to the heart, so the placement of these tokens of love and commitment was highly symbolic. As we learned more about science throughout history, we know that all fingers have veins connected to the heart, but the tradition has remained. You can wear your rings on any hand; many couples from Northern and Central Europe wear their wedding rings on their right hands, for example in countries like Norway, Denmark, Germany, Latvia, and Austria. 

#6: Find a Contoured Wedding Band

A very modern to your wedding set is a contoured wedding band that’s shaped to fit around your engagement ring. This makes the pair look almost like two pieces of a puzzle when apart and like an entirely new ring when worn together. Many contoured wedding bands are curved to create a sort of halo effect around the engagement ring’s gemstone. You can find a tiara ring that’s pointed at the top to draw the eye to the engagement ring, or look for a wrapped band that has a framing effect and encircles the engagement ring. 

#7: Wear a Midi Ring Wedding Band

Wearing your wedding ring as a midi ring can give your ring set a modern twist. Midi rings sit between your top two knuckles, normally on your index, middle, or ring finger. Wear your midi ring on the same finger as your engagement ring, or separate them to give an updated, unique edge to your wedding ring set. Be sure to have your wedding band fitted to the right size for wherever you plan to wear it, and note that more slender bands typically look better and are more comfortable as midi rings. 

#8: Give Your Wedding Band the Spotlight 

Most engagement rings are the center of attention; their gemstones sparkle and can outshine a more subdued wedding band. But maybe the right call for you is to have a more subtle engagement ring that can give your wedding band the spotlight. In that case, get a more ornate wedding band, like an eternity band or a gorgeous hammered metal statement ring, to have pride of place next to your engagement ring. 


Whatever you decide, remember that your wedding ring set is a symbol of the unique love you share with your partner. There aren’t any rules you have to abide by, so choose to wear your set in whatever way feels more true to you. Want to create your own custom wedding ring set? Quick Jewelry Repairs’ team of bespoke jewelry experts can help you design a contour wedding band that fits around your engagement ring, or a stunning pendant necklace that holds your lovely rings around your neck, or anything else you can dream up. At the end of the process, you’ll have the perfect one-of-a-kind wedding ring set created just for you.

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