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Prong Replacement and Repair

Rebuild a Prong

Starting at $22 for up to 4 prongs
Prong Rebuilding
Starting at $22 for up to 4 prongs

Re-tip Prongs

Starting at $24 For up to 8 prongs
Prong Re-tipping
Starting at $24 for 8 prongs

Prong Repairs

Keep those diamonds secure

Prongs hold together the essence of your jewelry item by keeping the diamond or gemstone in place. When broken, worn out or loose, you risk losing the stone altogether. At Quick Jewelry Repairs, we have a specialized team of jewelers who can repair anything concerning your prongs, whether they have become flattened and frail or broke off, we have got you covered. Our services include rebuilding and re-tipping prongs at a reasonable cost. It is easy to get started, simply identify the issue you’re having with your prongs, the type of metal, and take a couple of pictures and/ or a video. You can also add a more detailed note in the box provided as well as the value of your jewelry item. Once you submit, our jewelers will work on your piece tirelessly to ensure perfection and your utmost satisfaction. When done, your item will be shipped back promptly in a secure manner and looking as good as new.