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4 Types of Geeky Jewelry To Buy at Comic Con

Written by Annabelle
October 1, 2018

4 Types of Geeky Jewelry

Ah, Comic Con. The geekfest of legend is coming up this week, and we’re excited to see all the hardcore costumes, the cute parent-and-kid cosplays, and of course, the geeky jewelry. No, we’re not joking. Comic Con is an amazing place to support some incredibly talented designers, who also happen to be huge fans like you and me. Read on to find out about some of the shiny goodies that NYC Comic Con 2018 has to offer.

Cosplay Jewelry

This is the most self-explanatory category of jewelry you’re going to find at NYC Comic Con. After all, this is a place for fans, and the best thing you can give a fan is an actual item from the show or book that they love. Popular items include Harry Potter merchandise, Lord of the Rings jewelry, and Game of Thrones pieces such as Daenerys’s awesome dragon choker designed by Yunus and Eliza (it has an insane waiting list!) Don’t forget about the possibility of acquiring memorabilia; you might be able to pick up some rare props that were created specifically for filming purposes. There’s no better way to show up to a viewing party than being decked out in full fan gear!

Inspired Jewelry

A step  in the more creative direction, inspired jewelry is what you get when you have jewelry designers write fanfiction. Instead of making replicas, these people use their favorite characters or motifs to make stunning pieces of eye candy. Check out thatjewelrydesigner who is well known for making jewelry based off League of Legends characters. Even if you’re not a LoL fan, we think you’ll appreciate the detail and color of his work.

If that seems like it’s out of your price range, you can also consider putting a twist on the jewelry you already own with engraving. (This was also the cutest order we’ve ever done.)

tungsten ring engraving geeky jewelry

Tungsten ring engraved in Star Wars font: “The Force Is Strong With Us.”


Licensed Jewelry

This somewhat overlaps with the previous two, depending on the design, but licensed jewelry has the explicit permission (and oftentimes actual input) from the source. Fans create cosplay and inspired jewelry on their own, but there are actual companies that have acquired the right to make and sell pieces, such as Badali Jewelry. They’re well-known for producing works for fantasy giants such as the Lord of the Rings franchise, Brandon Sanderson, and other authors. In fact, they’ve even collaborated with Patrick Rothfuss, who personally oversaw the design for his Kingkiller Chronicles series. We especially love Denna’s ring, because it may be a potential, physical spoiler. Just read the product description!

Artisan Jewelry

Sometimes it’s just nice to find unconventional pieces in unconventional locations. Comic Con attracts a wonderful, diverse crowd of people who know what they want and aren’t afraid to express it. These individuals aren’t going to go for mainstream, basic designs; they want steampunk rings, occult tiaras, elven ear cuffs! Of course, the artisans at Comic Con know their audience and they love to promote their shops on Etsy. Take a look at junesnight; this LA-based seller has some striking Neo-Victorian and steampunk designs for sale. And if you ever need more inspiration, Pinterest provides plenty of awesome ideas (and shops!)  shared by fellow Comic-Con veterans.

We’re counting the days until Comic Con starts- but until then, let’s just continue obsessing over these geeky jewelry selections. Which one appeals to you the most? Comment below and show us your inner fangirl/fanboy!

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