The Definitive Guide to Prevent Necklaces From Rusting

If your necklace is starting to turn color and smells a little funky, chances are it’s rusting. This typically happens with silver and base metals such as copper, brass, or bronze. Read on to learn more about how to prevent necklaces from rusting.

The Quick Guide to Stop Earrings From Rusting


You’ve been wearing your earrings for a while, and then you take them out to take a closer look…blech! It’s turning dark gray or red, and the color just looks off. Chances are, the discoloration is rust and oxidation. But why are your earrings rusting? Learn more here.

How To Keep Jewelry From Rusting

how to prevent jewelry from rusting after

You’ve inherited your Grandmother’s collection of jewelry and now you’re organizing it along with your personal collection. However, you’ve noticed that some of these necklaces, bracelets, or earrings are starting to tarnish and rust.  This is the natural course of some pieces, that, due to moisture and oxygen, can cause rust and residue on older pieces of jewelry. Learning how to protect … Read More