4 Ways Our Clients Remembered Loved Ones via Jewelry Restoration


Jewelry is extremely precious, not just for its materials, but also for its significant sentimental value. Over the years, we’ve heard from a lot of our clients about their pieces, and many of them wear jewelry to commemorate a loved one. Of course, these items have been lovingly worn and show signs of wear and tear, so it’s our job … Read More

5 Interesting Customer Stories You Should Check Out


Recently we had 5 customers come to us, each with unique items and special instructions on what they wanted. We were more than happy to oblige; we love it when customers use our services in creative ways to achieve the results they want! Read more to check out what they did with their jewelry.

How to Fix Broken Earrings

You know when you look at something broken, there’s that sinking feeling of “Oh no…this really can’t be fixed?” We completely understand that, especially when it comes to earrings. And hey, it happens- those things are itty bitty pieces of metal. Fortunately for you, there’s no such thing as impossible. We’ve resurrected multiple pairs of broken earrings from the graveyard … Read More

Where You Should Take Off Your Jewelry But Probably Don’t!


When you buy that really nice piece of jewelry (it doesn’t have to be that expensive!), you always say “I’m really going to take good care of this one” – but then after 6 months to a year, it starts to turn and we have no idea why! Don’t Worry, we ALL do it! Read below for the places you … Read More

How Can a Professional Help You Replicate Missing Earrings?

How Can a Professional Help You Replicate Missing Earrings?

One of the worst feelings in the world is when you get home from a night on the town and realize one of your earrings is missing. Or maybe you spent the day on the beach and reached up to feel an empty earlobe, or you’re unpacking from a trip and realize you haven’t seen both pieces of your favorite … Read More

9 Ways Not to Clean Necklaces

tips and advice on how not to clean necklaces

You have a drawer full of jewelry that you’ve been too busy to clean. It’s a Saturday afternoon and you’re scouring Pinterest and YouTube for the best method on how to clean necklaces. Before you dive into this DIY project, be sure that your chosen concoction isn’t going to do more harm than good to your precious pieces. To help … Read More

Top 3 Questions to Ask When Getting Jewelry Repaired


You’re in need of a jeweler to repair a keepsake watch or restore an heirloom jewelry piece.  Should you bring it to a large well-known jewelry retailer or a small local jeweler?  Who can you trust with your priceless piece? And what if you’re thinking; “Well, there’s no jewelry repair near me!” Here are the 3 best questions to ask … Read More