The Quick Guide to Stop Earrings From Rusting


You’ve been wearing your earrings for a while, and then you take them out to take a closer look…blech! It’s turning dark gray or red, and the color just looks off. Chances are, the discoloration is rust and oxidation. But why are your earrings rusting? Learn more here.

How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry


You’re digging through your jewelry box and you see a beautiful piece you haven’t worn in sometime. Gleefully pulling it out from the back of your jewelry box, your smile turns to a frown as you realize it’s now a dull, splotchy color after months of not wearing it. How do you restore it back to its original condition? Read … Read More

How to Value and Refurbish Inherited Jewelry


Recently a client reached out to us about a cache of jewelry he had just received from his mother. He wasn’t quite sure what to do with it, but he did want to know if the jewelry was fine in terms of metal and stone quality. We were more than happy to help him determine the inherited jewelry value, and … Read More

Why Should I Consider Cleaning My Jewelry?

jewelry cleaning

Why should I clean my jewelry? Jewelry is beautiful and sparkly, but only if you keep it that way! In fact, it can even become damaged from the accumulation of icky things from some of the most mundane activities in your life. If you want to protect and keep your jewelry in peak condition, read on to find out why you … Read More