Customer Spotlight: Gold Plating a Crown from the Philippines


When it comes to our gold plating service, we receive a lot of jewelry…and some less common items. To date, we’ve gold plated an unidentifiable piece of stainless steel, a pair of glasses, a swimming championship medallion, and even brass caps for an antique rifle enthusiast. But when our customer Roger messaged us about a crown- well, that was definitely … Read More

People Behind The Pieces: Adding Links to Grandma’s Necklace


When people think about custom jewelry, they usually think about making a new piece from scratch. While we definitely do that on a daily basis, we also take in a lot of pieces for custom modifications. Such was the case with our client Aileen, who contacted us about how to make a necklace longer. Once we finished the job and … Read More

How to Create Your Own Custom Made Bracelet


Bracelets are one of the best ways to express yourself; from those rubbery slogan ones to metal bangles, the customization possibilities are limitless. If you’re looking to create your own custom made bracelet, there are a few things you need to research first! Read more to learn about bracelet custom creation.

How to Create Your Own Custom Made Necklace


Whether it’s for a special occasion, an anniversary present, or on a whim, a custom made necklace is always a wonderful idea! Beautiful, personalized pieces come to life and become family heirlooms with interesting stories. But how do you get started on creating your own necklace? Read on to learn more about the custom necklace design process.

5 Reasons Why Your Jeweler Can’t Replicate Your Earring

quick jewelry repairs

You’ve lost an earring, and you’re looking to get an earring replication. Much to your surprise, the jeweler quotes you something higher than what you had originally paid for, or just turns you down. But why? Read on to learn about the five reasons why your jeweler can’t replicate your earring.

Breakdown of Custom Jewelry Creation [Infographic]


So you’re prepared to get a custom jewelry creation…and then you flinch at the price quoted. In reality, most custom creations are reasonably priced. Consider the metal, the labor, the stones (if necessary) and just think about the fact that this is one unique piece being created expressly for you! Take a look at our custom creation pricing breakdown below.

Why You Should Consider Ring Replication


Rings are easily the most symbolic piece of jewelry you can wear- just look at wedding and engagement rings! But they’re also very easy to lose or damage, or the color of the metal just doesn’t fit your style anymore even though you like the design. What to do? Ring replication can take care of all of those issues.