Designer Jewelry: How to Repair It


Designer jewelry, or branded jewelry, is a quintessential part of anyone’s wardrobe. After all, you’re wearing a lovely piece that’s associated with a renowned design house- so how exactly do you fix it when it starts falling apart? Read more to learn about designer jewelry repair.

Everything You Need to Know About Replating Silver Costume Jewelry


Costume jewelry is a nice way to get an affordable piece of bling…until it starts losing its color from all that wear. In order to get it looking nice and bright again, you’ll have to get it plated- but that’s not too easy to do when your jewelry is silver colored! Learn more about how to replate silver costume jewelry … Read More

4 Things You Should Know About Costume Jewelry Stone Replacement


Costume jewelry can be wonderful and cherished pieces, even if they’re not made from precious metal and genuine gemstones. With their diversity of materials such as Swarovski crystals, vintage rhinestones, Czech glass, and other components, costume jewelry has its own aesthetic that sets it apart from fine jewelry. But what to do when you lose a stone or two from … Read More

Repairing Costume Jewelry Rings


So you have a ring that you absolutely adore- but honestly, it’s not exactly the most expensive thing in the world. After a long time of lovingly wearing it non-stop, you notice with some dismay that it’s not looking too great. But how are you even going to fix it? After all, all of your local jewelers have looked at … Read More

Why Should I Plate My Fake Jewelry with Precious Metal? 


Everyone loves costume jewelry- it’s affordable and comes in cute designs. But what to do when you’re experiencing an allergic reaction to the weird metal it’s made out of? How can you stop it from turning black? Plate it with precious metal, of course! Learn more about the process of plating fake jewelry here.

Repairing Costume Jewelry: Do or Don’t?


You’ve had a piece of jewelry for the longest time- it’s not anything high quality, but you’ve literally loved it to death. Should you get it repaired? Even if it’s just costume jewelry, it has sentimental value. Here’s what we think about costume jewelry repair.