Gold Chain Repair Cost: The Breakdown

Whether it’s a bracelet, an anklet, or a necklace, the feeling of a gold chain breaking is an awful one. How do you even go about getting that fixed? How much would it cost? We’ve broken down what repairs you’ll need and the gold chain repair cost below.

Repairing Costume Jewelry Rings


So you have a ring that you absolutely adore- but honestly, it’s not exactly the most expensive thing in the world. After a long time of lovingly wearing it non-stop, you notice with some dismay that it’s not looking too great. But how are you even going to fix it? After all, all of your local jewelers have looked at … Read More

Gold Plating Jewelry Thickness: What You Need To Know


You have a piece of jewelry, or a watch, and you’re not really too sure what to do when it comes to gold plating. Maybe you just want a brief hint of color. Maybe you want it to last long enough for years to come. Whatever it is, you don’t know the gold plating thickness you should get. And how … Read More

Black Rhodium: What Is It?

It’s a gothic trend, but people are loving the gunmetal look of certain pieces of jewelry from high-end designers. The black background color of the metal seems to make diamonds sparkle even stronger, and there’s an aesthetic punch when paired with colored stones. But what exactly is this stuff? Read on to learn more about black rhodium and how to … Read More

Platinum vs. White Gold: The Best Metal For Jewelry


You’re debating between several options for your next jewelry purchase, and you just can’t make up your mind. You know you want a silvery-white color for that perfect piece, but the variety of metals available is simply bewildering. There’s white gold or platinum- which one should you choose? Learn more about platinum vs. white gold here.

How To Clean Tarnished Jewelry


You’re digging through your jewelry box and you see a beautiful piece you haven’t worn in sometime. Gleefully pulling it out from the back of your jewelry box, your smile turns to a frown as you realize it’s now a dull, splotchy color after months of not wearing it. How do you restore it back to its original condition? Read … Read More

How To Look After Your Quartz Watch


If you own a watch, chances are it’s a quartz watch. These watches dominate the market because of how easy they are to make, and they’re nice and efficient in terms of timekeeping. That doesn’t mean that they don’t need the occasional check-up, however. Learn more about quartz watch maintenance here.

Colored Gemstone Jewelry Repair: What You Need to Know


You’re at the jeweler’s, and instead of getting your ring resized they shake their head and hand back your ring, telling you that because of the colored stone they won’t work on it. But why? Certain stones can be difficult for a jeweler to work with, due to its properties. Learn more about colored gemstone jewelry repair here.

5 Reasons Why Your Jeweler Doesn’t Want to Gold Plate Your Jewelry


Gold-plated jewelry is cheap and well-loved. When it wears down to the base metal, it’s time to take it to the jeweler! But not every jeweler will plate your item, and you might be turned down here and there. Instead of feeling disheartened, learn more about why your jeweler is saying no to gold plating jewelry.